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By Anonymous

     The war in Iraq has become increasingly unpopular with many Americans, as more of our troops die every day with seemingly no end in sight. While the war itself may be detested, the fact remains that we must support the troops who have answered the call to serve our country and we can do this in many ways. We can voice our disagreement with the war and beseech our leaders to find a way to bring our servicepeople home. We can let the troops serving in Iraq know that we support them and appreciate their efforts and sacrifice even if we may not support the war. Finally, those of us who are fortunate enough to remain safely at home should do everything to show our support of this great nation and the values of equality and human decency it engenders.

We can voice our dissension and beseech our leaders to find a way to bring our troops home. This is currently one of the biggest topics of debate. One of the main ways to bring our troops home is by protesting the war, which is exercising our freedom of speech, one of the many rights our soldiers have died to protect. Over the years protesting has worked to improve many situations in the United States. Had they not protested, women would probably not have gained the right to vote, legal inequalities would still exist for minorities, and employees would not have as safe working conditions. Protesting works - this has been proven again and again throughout our history. We should use our rights because many Americans died for them, so please, do not waste your rights.

The best thing we can do for the troops is to show our support and help them get out of that desert. We can make sure that the troops serving in Iraq know that while we may not support the war, we do support them. Soldiers in Iraq receive letters from U.S. students every day filled with words of support and sympathy for those who protect their rights and freedoms. We should not shun our soldiers because they are fighting an unpopular war. Sending letters can really help morale and adding a small gift, like a homemade necklace or prayer beads, really lets a soldier know that somebody cares, and that can be the greatest gift of all.

Last year my world cultures class wrote letters to soldiers and sent items to Iraq. It was such a success that we did it twice. Our entire class sent tons of items including shaving cream and card games for soldiers who just want a break from the reality of war for a while. Upon receiving the letters, these soldiers replied with praise and thanks. You might not believe that such small acts support our troops, but they do. It makes them feel really good that someone is willing to support them. Our troops need to know their country loves and appreciates them.

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on Nov. 9 2019 at 1:17 pm
SergeantSteel82 GOLD, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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This article is beautiful. It is a shame how many people frown upon our soldiers today. They are frowning upon the people who are willing to take a bullet to the face so that we can have that frown of disagreement. War is horrible, but the soldiers who fight in the war are choosing to laydown their life so that we may keep ours. I come from a family of WWII vets and WWI vets, this article is well written, thank you author.

christy!=-D said...
on Dec. 1 2008 at 4:53 pm
everyone should support our troops because they are fighting for us and our country!! i agree with the writer!! everyone should pray for the troops and hope for the best!!