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Whose Life Is It Anyway?" MAG

By Anonymous

   My body, my choice, and that's the way it ishould be, no questions asked! Unfortunately, as long as we have laws there will always be somebody making personal decisions for us. Should wanting to die be left up to the government, I say NO! Dying is very personal and people should make their own choices. If a person is unable to make such a personal choice, I feel an immediate family member should make the decision.

Health care workers and volunteers like me, who work at hospitals and nursing homes see what people go through. It is enough to make a person cry and that's why I feel responsible to try and help these people in any way I can. These people live suffering and why should they have to? People want to die peacefully and with dignity .Is wanting to die wrong? People have the right to die, and with dignity. Finally to those who say let God make the choice, I say God gave us each brains to think for ourselves so that others wouldn't. Each choice we make is personal and if it's in our own best interest, then I don't care what others think. n

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i love this so much!