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By Anonymous

   I am lost to the world,

my mind deep in thought,

contemplating, wondering.

People run around me,

they yell and scream.

I do not see or hear them.

I am completely at peace when I am like this,

oblivious to the world around me.

Nothing registers in my mind,

no worries, no concerns.

Only thoughts.

Thoughts of who I am,

why I am here,

and where it all began.

Thoughts of importance, of power.

If only I was an important person.

A person of power.

There's a great irony in that.

The ones who have the greatest thoughts

are too lost in thought to be concerned with petty matters.

Matters of appearance, wealth, and power.

Maybe that's the problem with the world today.

None of the politicians in this world ever have any thoughts.

Just how to win the next election, who to bribe.

Never anything about making the world,

or even their country,

a better place.

And the ones that do are always trampled on.

No one ever cares what truly great people think.

Its all a matter of wealth,

of power.

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i love this so much!