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By Anonymous

   Everyday people from other countries pour into America, and whether they're touristsor immigrants, most come knowing a language other than English. Knowing a secondlanguage can help anyone in everyday life, make travel easier, and can lead tointeresting and rewarding careers.

Technology has come a long way, andwith it, a second language may be more necessary. The Internet allows peopleeverywhere to communicate, and this technology has brought cultures closer,"shrinking" the world. Communication is more important than ever nowthat so many cultures are intertwined.

Moreover, as always, if you aretraveling to another country it is almost essential to know at least somephrases. Some travel for a hobby, while others must travel internationally forbusiness, but either way, being multilingual comes in handy. Many Europeans speakmore than one language, and may get annoyed if you do not make an effort to speaktheir language, especially if you expect them to speak English.

Finally,knowing a second language could help you find a career. When job openings arescarce, a second language can open new doors. If your re-sumé includesknowing another language, it may increase your chances of getting the job youwant.

There are many reasons to consider knowing another language.Becom-ing multilingual can even be fun (immersion in the actual language is oftenthe best way to learn). It may help you deal with your everyday life, make yourworld experiences more enjoyable and easier, and may even end up being yourcareer!

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