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A Plea To The World MAG

By Anonymous

   Okay, so I might not be a licensed psychologist. I haven't even graduated from high school, but I believe that what I am writing about can be proved. Teenagers today are afraid to grow up. That is why we are attached to little kid things, like Winnie-the-Pooh and Sesame Street. Speaking for teenagers, I think that the world is moving too fast for us. We're forced into fast-forward, instead of normal speed, or even slow-mo. Every day we are asked to make decisions for tomorrow when we don't even know what to do with today.

When we were little, we couldn't wait to be teenagers and young adults. But all that has changed. Now that we're here, we want to be kids again. We're afraid to make decisions for ourselves because we don't know what's waiting for us on the other side. We're forced to care for younger siblings and act like parents, while we don't even know how to care for ourselves when we get sick. And they trust us with their kids? Are they crazy?

I think parents, adults, teachers, and the rest of the population need to back off and let us grow up; let us be kids. Some may think this is just another whiny high school student making excuses for not doing his work. Well it's not; I for one am doing the best I can and I'm tired of it. I'm sick of going to school every day, sitting in some boring class daydreaming the period away. We have to listen to our parents complain that we have everything so easy; and all we have to do is go to school, and we don't have to listen to bosses and coworkers complain. Well, we do have to go to school and listen to teachers and administrators complain about how we are constantly slacking off. We don't have everything easy. I know this may surprise and enrage some people, but it is true. It's a scary world out there and we're not ready for it. And finally, to all you people complaining about how your future leaders of the world are messing around, just calm down; we're doing the best we can. ?

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i love this so much!