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November 19, 2011
By KierstenMarie, Houma, Louisiana
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KierstenMarie, Houma, Louisiana
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The author's comments:
I would like to know how you think of this chapter and let me know if anything needs to be changed and give me ideas. Also how do you feel reading this?

“My name is Anya Carson and this is my story.” I said with no emotion.

December 6, 1972 Smithdale Hospital

“Honey, Are you OK?”

“Yes, Just in pain. Where’s the doctor?”

“I don’t know. Let me find out.”

“Harry, Hurry up. He’s coming.”

“How are you feeling?” The nurse asked.

“He’s coming.”

“OK. Lets take a look….. Yes. He’s coming. Try to push for me.”

Many long minutes later…….

“It’s a girl!” The nurse said excitedly. “What are you going to name her?”

The man and the woman looked at each other and froze as if they saw a ghost and quietly said.. “Anya.”


It’s Friday, twenty-four hours before the happiest day of my life. I’m in my room, blasting my stereo, and texting my friends about my big party. Well, honestly I don’t have any real “Friends.” They are just people I hang around with when I have nothing else to do. They can have a good time and that’s one thing I like about them. Hopefully eventually they’ll be my real friends. Anyways, I was really excited about tomorrow; the day I turned 16.

I had finally got bored of texting so I threw my phone on my bed and walked over to my bookshelf. I love reading. Anything from Romance, Drama, to fiction. Every once in a while I’ll pick up a non-fiction book and start reading, but today I grabbed my favorite book, “Dracula”, since you didn’t know, and started reading. I love reading about vampires for some reason. After about 30 minutes of reading, my mom walked in my room.

“Hey, Anya.” My mom said happily.

“Hey, Mom..” I said peeking over my book. I had finally got to the part when his first victim is Lucy, and I was waiting for the next thing to happen.

“Are you excited for tomorrow? It’s your sixteenth birthday.”

As if I didn’t already know. How could I forget? Its suppose to be the happiest day of my life.

“You seem happier then I am, What are you planning?” Every year my mom over dramatically makes me a birthday party that I really don’t really want. Why cant I just stay home in my room all day long? Or atleast let me choose where the party will be. Even though tomorrow is suppose to be great, to be honest, I’m afraid of what she might be planning.

“Oh, nothing. I’m just happy my little girl is turning sixteen. Can’t a mother be happy?” My mom smiled. I knew she was up to something. As she walked out my room and closed my door I saw she was still smiling. Something was up.

My mom looked like me. We both had dark curly hair. The only difference was mine was longer, up to my elbows, and hers was to her shoulders. We were both slim. The only difference was our eyes. Her eyes are sky blue and mine are brown like my dads.

After my mom left I decided to go take a shower. My bathroom is not all that great, but I like it.. It has green and blue walls, an antique mirror hanging above the sink, and a normal everyday toilet. The nice, hot shower felt relaxing on my stressed out body.

As I got out the shower I put on my favorite red sweatpants and a Pink Floyd T-Shirt.

About an hour after reading how Dracula was drinking blood my dad called me to eat dinner.

“Anya! Dinner time!”

“OK. Be right down!” I don’t remember that last time I was so hungry. I must have eating like 12 hours ago.

Since it’s just me, my mom, and my dad we usually sit together as a family, but I just think they just want to know how I’ve been doing every day.

Walking downstairs I see an old picture of me and my parents. We seemed so happy. What happened? As I continued to look at the picture I felt a cold sensation flow through my body. I freaked out. There was something odd about this picture, but I couldn’t think of what might be wrong with it.

As I walked in the dining room I took my seat on the far end of the wooden dining table.

“What’s for dinner?” It’s probably spaghetti again. My parents don’t really know how to cook much of anything.

“Spaghetti.” My mom said happily as she put a plate infront of me and two huge spoon fulls of spaghetti.

“Oh.” I figured it was. I’m getting tired of always eating it, but I wasn’t going to hurt my parents feeling if I didn’t eat it. I need a fork. As if she read my mind she picked up the fork and handed it to me.

“Here’s a fork and some sprite.” She always knew what drinks I liked, but If it was food? No. She’d fail that test in less than a second. I grabbed the fork and started eating.

“So.. how are your friends? Dad asked. Why didn’t they ask about me? Why does it go straight to “my friends”?

“Ummm, friends?” I whispered. My parents wanted me to have friends. I didn’t want any right now, atleast they don’t visit here. “Oh, yeah. Which friends? Carla? Rob? or Steve?”

Carla is a red-head chick that smokes. Rob is a nerd, and is a party person. If you really didn’t know Rob he was the person that was always shy. Rob has short curly hair with a tattoo of a skull on his arm. He is very muscular. Steve likes to race. He loves vehicles. He’s been in jail for speeding many times in the city. He loves to show off and knows how to have a good time.

“Carla.” He said.

“She’s good.” Of course they pick the girl. I don’t know how she is. I don’t really talk to her besides at school and sometimes we hang out and text each other.

“That’s good.” He said blandly and started to eat.

“Well, I‘m done eating. I’m going back up to me room.” I didn’t feel like being down here. They are making everything awkward tonight. “Good night.”

They both told me goodnight and I headed upstairs back up to my room.

As I stepped into my room I heard my phone buzzing with text messages so I walk over to it and start reading them.


heyy prty 2nite u shld come!

No, I’m good I have a party tomorrow, she knows that., I don’t need another right now.

hey again it strts @ 8 @ coals mine!

Ugh, The coals mine is a popular party place.

hey bby comin 2 the prty? I got a new ride

Steve and his flirty self. I wonder what car he got now.

anyaaa! the prty is gr8

I got tired of my phone already and threw it back on my bed and turned on the TV.

I layed down on my bed flipping through the channels. I just lay there watching things from infommercials to reality shows to cheesy game shows and so on. Eventually I stopped on one channel. I think it was the sci-fi channel and started watching this horror movie. It was a scream movie from like the ‘60’s. It wasn’t all that scary, atleast not to me anyways. Me and my parents used to always watch scary movies when I was little. As I layed there watching it I started to wonder how much fun Carla, Rob, and Steve were having. I didn’t really want to go to that party more because I’m not a real party person. Eventually I felt my eyes close.

I fell into a deep sleep or I figured I was anyways. I started dreaming. I saw my parents. They were leaving the house and driving off. My vision of the dream shifted to a rainy street. Their car was in the middle of the street, both doors ajar, and not too far away from the car were two bodies layed out across the street. On their chests were “G’s” carved in their own blood. A little ways from the bodies was a dark figure walking away. Under his breathe, in a eerie tone the figure rumbled, “That’s what you get…” Atleast I think that is what he said. He talked to low. I looked back at the bodies and realized their heads have been decapitated. I panicked and fell down on my knees and started crying. Right before I felt myself wake up he stopped and turned slowly. He was smiling and the only thing I saw was that he had dark red eyes.

I woke up panicked, it was a nightmare. A very short nightmare, but it was a nightmare. It felt more real then any other dreams I have ever had. When I realized it was probably the horror movie that made me have a dream like this. I relaxed and went back to sleep, but this time it was peaceful.

I woke up to footsteps coming up the stairs. I started to get up and the door suddenly opened. I jumped at least 30 feet in the air.

“Oh-my-god! You scared me!” It was my mom.

“I’m sorry sweety. Happy birthday.” She handed me a plate of food with some orange juice.

“So mom, What are we doing today?” I said stuffing my face with food.

“Well, I cant tell you just yet. It’s suppose to be a surprise.”

“Please, you know how I don’t like surprises.” I begged

“Sorry sweety but your dad doesn’t want me to tell you. He wants it to be a surprise. I’m going to give you a hint so your not so worried, It’s not going to be like any of your old birthday parties..” She said as she winked and left the room.

“Fine.” I really wanted to know, and I hope she’s right that its not going to be like any of my other birthday parties.

My mind was so focused on today that I seemed to almost forget about my nightmare last night. As I sat and thought about it I wasn’t really asleep when I had the dream. It couldn’t have been a premonition. To make sure I walked over to my desk, sat down and turned on my laptop, I browsed “Premontion.”

A strong feeling of something about to happen, esp. something unpleasant.

That would seem about right, I saw my parents dead, I don’t know when or who killed them, even if it was just a dream.

Premonition dreams or precognitive dreams are an ability to gain information about an upcoming event prior to the event happening. These dreams are not common. Premonitions are a certain form of dream, but please know that not all dreams serve as premonitions.

I’m afraid now. What if I can have these? Could humans even have premonitions? Nothing seems right.

After I got all the information I needed I shut down my computer and sat on my bed wondering if I should start reading.

All of the sudden my window flew open and a strong wind brushed over me causing me to have chills. For once in my life I know somebody is watching me.

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