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July 14, 2011
By Jujija GOLD, Brookline, Massachusetts
Jujija GOLD, Brookline, Massachusetts
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"I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I wish to be something to someone"


When the world ends in 2012, everyone is terrified. But, to the luck of everyone, giant domes were brought from underground, holding the people safely inside. They've lived that way for three hundred years, safe and sound. But, on that three hundreth year, trouble arises. An evil mind creates a new group of people, called "The New Generation". He builds them, creating his personal army greater and greater.
Among the turmoil of evilness, it's intertwined with the troubles of friendship, and romance unknown. Delilah, a lost, hopeless sixteen year old, searches for some peace in the troubles world. Soon, she gets drawn into the workings of the evilness, the new generation, and all the trouble that has arisen in their once peaceful lives. Meanwhile, she, and her other friends, Bella and Lizzy, try to find what's outside of the dome. Mixed inbetween their lives, a maze of stories connects everyone, through the sadness, the pain, the joy, and the mystery.



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on Aug. 8 2011 at 5:53 pm
SilentlyRising GOLD, Decatur, Georgia
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"My pen is the barrel of the gun. Remind me which side you should be on."

I'm gonna tell you this now, before I go onto the feedback later:  Everything you post on TeenInk belongs to it.  So, you might have troubles getting it published.  However, I think you can buy it back.  E-mail the editor or something to ask.  Look around the FAQ.