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December 9, 2010
By Hermione1234 BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
Hermione1234 BRONZE, Waterboro, Maine
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Favorite Quote:
"I'd rather be burned with the truth than soothed by lies"


Noah Michaels has her whole life ahead of her. But when a mysterious kidnapper gets her, she has to face the most imaginable terror possible.



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on Mar. 5 2011 at 2:47 pm
stickyfingers SILVER, Wake Forest, North Carolina
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this is really good and concrete but it is extremely short. though the one chapter did do the storyline justice, maybe you should add more vivid descriptions and emotions.  the chapters could be shorter, too. maybe you could despribe Halloween and the woods and what Macy went through when she reacted after hearing the voicemail and how did Noah get the phone if she was bound tight?

Just a few suggestions, but the story rocked! You don't have to follow any of my suggestions; it is your decision. I don't hold grudges. :) I hope at least one of the suggestions helped.