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The Sandbox

July 23, 2011
By JCVeggigirl BRONZE, Fayetteville, North Carolina
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JCVeggigirl BRONZE, Fayetteville, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
To Thine Own Self Be True- Hamlet, William Shakespear
At Least I Tried- Sisterhood Everlasting, Ann Brashares
I don't need an alarm clock, my ideas wake me- Ray Bradbury
In three words I can sum up life, it goes on. - Robert Frost

Author's note: I literally thought of writing this while I was in the shower, as soon as I got out I started writing down ideas in detail. I finished writing this short story in one night, because I knew what I wanted to do with the characters and how I wanted to finish it. Hopefully whoever reads this enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please comment, favorite, and share. Though if you want to use it or base something off of it, please present it with me first. I don't like the idea of my original work being taken and altered without my permission. Thank you so much. Work of JLC :)

I love gazing at his at beautiful face from bottom to top, starting with his prominent jawline. Eventually working my eyes up to his smooth yet cracked lips, glistening from his licking them all of the time. I tell him to just use Chap Stick more often but he prefers to lick them, and I don’t mind. Then even more mesmerized I stare at his ivory colored skin stretching just right over his face, giving him the perfect chin and cheekbones when he smiles the most remarkable smile I have ever seen. My eyes work my way up to his nose pointed yet plush, and suiting him well all the same.
Then comes my absolute favorite part of his features, the first thing I want to look at but don’t. Knowing that if I even so much as glimpse at them, they will swallow me whole leaving me not knowing what to do with myself. To me I save the best part for last, his eyes.
They are the most stunning shade of light green I have ever seen in my life, let alone for an eye color.

I stop gazing when I hear my name and feel a hand on my shoulder, I look down and see his hand and I immediately listen to what he is saying.
“Lilac.” He pauses and looks at the ground then back to me, just hearing the way he says my name makes a hundred butterfly wings in my stomach flutter. I clasp my hands digging my fingernails into my skin to stop me from wanting to shriek from excitement.
His light green eyes are searching mine, and he is leaning one shoulder against my locker his black shaggy hair leaning ever so slightly to the right.
“Lilac, I have something that I want to tell you. Trust me when I say that it’s not easy for me to say this considering how long I’ve held it in but I…”
Beep. Beep. Beep. My eyes fly open at the sudden annoying noise, and I realize where I am. In my bed tangled in my sheets, one hand clasping the other, heart beating at a pace that I know isn’t healthy.
I look over at my alarm clock the red blinding digits reading 6:30 a.m., I unclasp my hands to turn it off.
I look at my palms and see the little half-moon shapes imbedded into my ivory skin, and groan.
I realize that it was just a dream, and has been that way for the last two weeks.
Usually I don’t get so obsessed with the fact of being in love with a guy. But Sage Rollins is not an ordinary guy.
Sage is my best friend and has been ever since the second grade in our sandbox days. It wasn’t until last year in eleventh grade that I realized I was in love with him, and that he wasn’t in love with me.
Only in my dreams, I would have to repeat to myself when he came gracefully walking up to me with those beautiful light green eyes.
We told each other everything, but these feelings I have for him somehow never managed to escape from my mouth, and into his ears.

I reluctantly climb out of my bed and did my morning routine before I had to drive to Mitra’s house, then school.


I pulled up to Mitra’s house idling at the curb before she dashed across her lawn, and threw her backpack onto the back seat.
“Hey Lilac, ready for S-C-H-O-O-L” she spelled out enthusiastically her pale arms going to cheerleader poses, seeming to think they were holding pom-poms. I had no clue whatsoever as to where she got all of her energy from. I gave her a fake smile, and then nodded my long black hair covering my eyes for the moment. I started driving to our destination.
“Why so blue my dear, does Sage still not know you’re practically drooling over him?” She looked at me expectantly smiling; I shot her the evil eye, then relaxed.
“I am not drooling over him as you say…and no, he doesn’t know how I feel about him.” I said quietly, but she still heard.
“Uh, Lilac I envy you. Here you are with this sweet, funny, and might I add gorgeous best guy friend. Who would probably love to go out with you, and you refuse to tell him you’re in love with him.”
I could tell she was staring at me from my peripheral vision and I knew she wanted an answer, but I knew what I constantly told myself she wouldn’t believe for a second.
“I just, I can’t. I’m scared to cross that line of being more than friends because once I do we can never go back. I mean I would rather bottle up my feelings when he’s around, and pretend I’m not completely in love with him and just be his best friend. Rather than not have him in my life at all. “
We were in the schools parking lot, and I was near tears. Mitra was staring at me genuinely concerned. She put her hand on my wrist looking me directly in my brown muddy eyes.
“Well this is senior year Lilac, and we only have four more months of school left.” She heisted then smiled wickedly at me, one hand on her back pack and the other on the door handle. “So if you don’t tell him how you feel… then I’ll do it for you.”
Before I could even protest she was already out of the car and running up the sidewalk, getting lost in the crowd of people on their way to first period.
I knew there was no point in trying to catch up with her; she was long gone and no longer on my mind. However first period was, and so was Sage.

My hands trembled, and I already started sweating. I splashed cold water on my face a few minutes earlier but it didn’t help. I looked at my desk, fourth row sixth desk. Sage sitting right behind me.
Once again I got lost in his eyes, and that feeling alone took me out of my nervousness of what might happen today.
I found myself standing in the doorway, and until I heard someone behind me say move it, that feeling I loved so much was lost.
Slowly I walked to my desk, and smiled this time for real at Sage. He smiled back his perfect smile, and I being the obsessed eighteen year old girl that I am, nearly tripped over the legs of my peers.
I could hear Sage laughing at me, but I didn’t mind I took in as much as I could of his angelic laugh. Then I tried to fake punch him in his chest, right above his heart, when he grabbed my hand and unfolded my fist.
My own heart nearly stopped. I heard myself draw in a sharp breath when he leaned forward in his desk, practically breathing on my ear.
“Not a very smart move if I must say so myself, my dear Lilac.” He laughed at himself; I could feel his lips brush my earlobe as he was backing away.
He didn’t let go of my hand, so I turned my body to face his. He put his arm on the desk as if he were about to arm wrestle me; outstretching his fingers, he nodded for me to do the same. I outstretched mine and pushed my hand onto his. He said just what I was thinking, but too afraid to say.
“Your hand is so much smaller than mine, but it’s like they were made for each other” he said seriously.
Like we’re made for each other, I wanted to say but didn’t. I stared at our hands a moment longer, now intertwined then smiling to the desk where I thought he couldn’t see.

I turned around before my heart stopped beating altogether.


“Well?” Mitra said trying to pry any and every detail out of me about my talks with Sage today. She was literally bouncing up and down in her seat her brown hair flying all over the place, when she started to slap me on my shoulder.
I started laughing and coasted to a stop at the last traffic light before I had to drive onto my rode. I tried to change the subject unsuccessfully the whole ride, but knowing Mitra for so long I knew she wouldn’t stop until I gave her an answer.
“Hey no attacking the driver” I said cheerfully.
I started swatting her hand away and she finally settled down.
“Tell me, puh-lease” she said sounding like a six year old. Even the expression on her face appeared childlike.
“Okay, okay I’ll talk. Honestly I didn’t talk to him that much today, I mostly stared and he talked.”
I looked over at her hoping she was satisfied, she wasn’t.

I couldn’t help smiling when I looked both ways before crossing the intersection, from what I was about to tell her.
“Though in first period, he held my hand against his and said…” I had to pause before I started bouncing in my seat too.
“What, what did he say?” She asked excitedly.
“He said, your hand is so much smaller than mine, but it’s like they we’re made for each other.”
I nearly swerved into the curb when she screamed I gave her a look that said “and you think I’m obsessed.”
“My gosh Lilac, that is too sweet” she beamed.
I pulled into my driveway and before I had my car in park she was already out of it.
“What is it with you and practically jumping out of cars lately?” I asked playfully.
She shrugged. “Just excited, I guess.”
By the look on her face there was more to that sentence.
I walked up the steps, and unlocked the door. I put my backpack on the floor near the front door, when I saw them.
Red rose petals in a single file line starting at my front door leading around the house.
“When the heck did these get here?” “I mean they’re beautiful and smell wonderful but when did this happen?”
I realized I was talking to myself when Mitra didn’t reply, and I saw her figure already in front of me heading into the kitchen.
I walked in that direction trying not to step on the petals, when I saw a bowl of mini Three Musketeer bars surrounded by more rose petals.
Only two people other than my family knew I loved Three Musketeer bars. Mitra and Sage.
I saw the petal trail leading to the sliding glass doors so I followed it, once again. I walked through the doors and as soon as I did Mitra grabbed me out of nowhere and hugged me.
“I’m sorry, but I had to tell him.” She whispered into my ear. “I couldn’t let the both of you going around like this for who knows how long. So I told him after fourth period to come straight to your house and tell you how he felt.”
I pulled her away from me so I could talk to her face, not the ground.
“Thank you so, so much Mitra. Honestly I’m glad we’re different sometimes, because you do some pretty gutsy things that I know I won’t.”
I embraced her again, and this time she talked fairly loudly.
“By the way, the whole flower trail and chocolate thing was his idea. I must say Lilac, he’s a keeper.” She said laughing towards the sky.
“I know.” I replied. “Thank you again Mitra, I’m actually glad now that you told him.”
I smiled, and she winked at me as she went back into the house, grabbing a candy bar and popping it into her mouth instantaneously, which only made me smile harder.

I turned around and there he was. His back against a huge tree one foot on it, both hands in his back pockets. He was looking at the sandbox we played in so many times and so many years ago.
This one sandbox in my backyard was what made our friendship as seven year olds blossom, and now this same sandbox would end something fantastic, and start something new and glorious.
Still far away from him I gazed at his whole body, at the way his jeans fit his legs perfectly. At the way his muscular arms and torso filled his shirt. At the way the wind blew his hair, the way he smiled when he saw me, and finally the way those stunning light green eyes of his squinted against the sun.
I finally reached him and without even so much of a nod to say hello, he pulled me into his arms and I nuzzled my head into the burrow of his shoulder.

Breathing in the sweet smell I’ve grown to love of him and the earth.
We stayed like that for a while, not one word spoken until I moved to wipe a tear off of my face. He looked down at me, and I saw where they were coming from.
Those light green eyes of his were still as beautiful as ever, if not more in the light water that surrounded them.
I took my thumb and wiped under his eyes. He took my hands the same way he did earlier in class, only this time he kissed them.
I was pretty sure my heart skipped about two beats.
He held onto my right hand, the hand I used to wipe the tears away with and placed his other hand at the small of my back, guiding me towards the sandbox.
We sat down in the grass next to it, side by side his hands still holding mine.
“Lilac.” He pauses and looks at the ground then back to me, just hearing the way he says my name makes a hundred butterfly wings in my stomach flutter.
I clasped my hands around his harder to stop me from wanting to shriek from excitement.
His light green eyes are searching me, and he is turning his body towards mine, his shaggy black hair blowing in the wind, now his eyes are completely transfixed on mine.
“Lilac, I have something that I want to tell you. Trust me when I say that it’s not easy for me to say this, considering how long I’ve held it in but…” He took a deep breath, and I leaned my body into his. “I love you, Lilac.”
He smiled at me; I could tell a huge burden had been lifted off of his shoulders just by saying those four words.
Before I could responded he put his index finger to my lips and started talking again.
“I love you Lilac Marie Smith. I always have, and I know I always will.”
His eyes never left mine, and only when I started to smile did he take his finger off of my lips and trace my jaw.
“I love you too, so unbelievably much Sage.”
As soon as I said those words, only then did the butterflies fluttering away in my stomach stop and float to the sky.
He leaned into me, putting one hand on the small of my back again, and the other tenderly on my neck. I was perfectly content with just staring into his stunning shade of light green eyes, until he leaned in more, our foreheads now touching.
“I know.” He whispered.
Before he brought his smooth and gentle lips to mine.

Thank you for reading, and I hoped you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment, favorite, and share, but please present it to me first if you want to use it or base something off of it.
Writing of JLC :)

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on Aug. 12 2011 at 2:05 am
MiNdLeSsLuVeRgIrL BRONZE, Kenly, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
If you love something let it go, if it comes back its yours if it doesn't, it never was!

isn't Lilac and Sage names of colors, anyway love the names and the story! :)

AnyaLafayaa said...
on Jul. 31 2011 at 3:36 pm
AnyaLafayaa, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.

-Joan Crawford

Wow! I can't believe I'm the first to comment on this story. It's really good. Your writing is amazing and the storyline is really sweet. I love it!