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The Darkest Ones Choice

March 18, 2012
By Zelous-Arrow-Shade, bountiful, Utah
Zelous-Arrow-Shade, Bountiful, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"life is not how you survive the storm, it is how you dance in the rain" - not sure who wrote it.


for a long time a war had raged on between good people and evil monsters, it at the end of that war that is book begins, for most of the time at the end of something, something new begins. it is in this time that a new evil started a campaign to destroy the world, a evil that no one knew existed. it is up to the good people of the realm to fight against the evil but little do they know that they have already lost, that there hope is to be saved be the very person no one cares about. a seemingly worthless person named Blessingus, it he who will be the point of interest, he who the evil turns to.


The Darkest Ones Choice

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