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The Fountain in the Meadow

March 18, 2012
By Nom-Nom, franklin, Wisconsin
Nom-Nom, Franklin, Wisconsin
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It’s December and a mother and father are celebrating their new entrance into parenthood with their new baby girl. The happiness is kind of spoiled, though, because the mother has developed an illness.
The father and child are being told they have to leave the hospital for a little while because they are in danger of getting the mother’s sickness.
“No, please let us stay!” the father pleads to the doctor. “She needs someone to keep her happy. Please!”
“I’m sorry sir; we can’t risk someone else getting sick, especially the child. Her immune system isn’t fully developed yet, we can’t risk it. Think of what Nerine would want. What would she want?” the doctor asks him.
“She would want us to leave and stay safe,” he sighs in defeat. Why couldn’t it be me, not her? She’s so precious. So very precious…

May is almost sixteen years old as a pantaña when she gets a strange message from her race’s largest enemy:

We have him and soon will have your other friends too.
Where he’s gone is a mystery to you.
We ask you one favor to do.
Hurry or your friends will miss you.

-- Icis

What will she go through to get her friends back, and what will she uncover along the way?


The Fountain in the Meadow

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