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It All Started on March 13th

October 12, 2011
By ambee401, Beaufort, North Carolina
ambee401, Beaufort, North Carolina
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My friends are the kind of people who will spend hours trying to drown a fish, but I love them to deathh!


Lola and her friends, Alyssa, Alexis, Cody, Matthew, and Nathan were walking home from school one day when a mysterious black SUV pulled up. Inside? Two secret agents from an unknown secret agency. And they want them to join a new school and their agency... and they say yes!
Now they must hurry to find the missing agent and whoever is trying to merge the continents... before drought, famine, floods, and other diasters strike. Will they make it through it alive? Will they stay friends? Read to find out!

Amber M.

It All Started on March 13th

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