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May 1, 2011
By bassett, Cave Creek, Arizona
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bassett, Cave Creek, Arizona
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When you have your entire kingdom counting on you, when you are their only hope, when you can be their life or death, when you work for a better place, then you will know what it is like to be a magician and potion’s master.

It was a usual day for Nicolas Flammel. The sun was at it’s highest on what was going to be a terrific day for Nicolas Flammel and somehow he felt it somewhere in his gut.

My day started out as usual. I woke up in the same hut that I’ve been waking up in for the past few years. I’m not sure why I picked this hut in particular but I guess I just liked the quiet and peacefulness. When I finally got out of bed I immediately smelled the horrid stench of my “magic makers” as I like to call them. I started a fire and cooked the leftover rabbit from the previous hunt. As I was cooking the rabbit I could smell the wonderful aroma that the rabbit was giving off and it was mouth watering. After I finished off the last of the rabbit I got cleaned up and got dressed for my day at the castle.

I took the long winding road that I always took to the castle. It wasn’t the quickest route but it was the one that I liked the most because of all of the clean air, green trees and the peacefulness that you couldn’t get at the castle. And as usual when I approached the castle most of the villagers and guards where frightened of me, except for the few that I could call friends. When I was about to enter the castle a young messenger boy cut me off and told me that the king demanded that I come immediately.

“Do you know what he wants me for?” I asked the messenger.

“No sir, but he it sounded awfully important.” He replied, “I’m sorry sir but I have many more errands to run and I don’t want to be late.”

“Oh, yes you may go thank you for the message.”

I completed my way up to the castle doors, took a deep breath and walked in. I headed straight to the king’s throne room and when I arrived the king greeted me immediately

“Oh, good Nicolas your here.” he said,” I have noticed that you have been working extremely hard lately and have been wondering if you may be on to something?”

“Actually, I think I may be on to something as well. I’m not quite sure what it does yet but I have mixed as well as stabilized some of the strongest potions known to mankind.” I replied.

“Really, and you did this without my permission?” He asked.

“Well.. Yes, but I thought that my order where to make potions?” I replied.

“Nicolas! Don’t get smart with me.” He yelled,”My advisors say that this ‘potion’ could be treasonous.”

“My lord. This is just an experiment that can develop our castle not betray it. And which of your advisors thought that my ‘potion’ could be an act of treason?” I asked, “ Was it Caspar? was it Gwendalyn? Ah it was Piggy wasn’t it?” I asked

“His name is Puggy Nicolas and never insult any of my advisors again. Is that clear?” the king asked.

“Crystal.” I replied

“Now get back to working on that potion and find out what it can do.” He said.

“Yes, my magesty.” I replied. Bowed, and left the throne room.

Of all people I thought to myself as I walked to my Potion’s work room in the castle. When I reached the door to my work room I opened the locked door with a lock that I had made myself. Quite magnificent really, their is only one key in the entire world that can open this door and it is impossible to open the door any other way. I put the key inside the lock whispered an incantation and turned the key. I heard a “click” and the door was open. I quickly walked in closed the door and locked it again. Inside was a mess, books were scattered everywhere, potions were on their sides, thick cobwebs hung for every nook and corner but the one thing that was clean and tidy was in the middle of the room. My newest experiment, the potion.

The glowing liquid inside the test tube was the only thing lighting up this room. It was a sight like no other. I could sit on a chair for hours at a time just staring at the magical substance. No matter what I did to it or applied it onto, the same results every time. The substance would immediately lose its color and glow and would just disappear in the object. So even though I was still not sure what it was capable it was always a wonderful sight.

After a half a hour I stopped gazing into the substance and began to test it on anything that was in the room. I tried it on all of my books, insects, dirt, walls, and even on all of my other potions. Still no results, I was getting tired of this substance and as I was about to get rid of the last of the batch a random thought hit me. Mortagos. He can tell me what this does I thought to myself.

I quickly gathered all that was left of the substance double rapped it in its test tube, grabbed a few books, food and water, unlocked the door and ran. I didn’t even bother to close the door. As I ran as fast as I could through the castle I was stopped by Puggy.

“Where do you think your going in such a hurry?” He asked.

“I think I know where to find out what the substance does.” I replied in between breaths.

“And where would that me?” he asked.

“I believe that Mortagos can help me.” I replied.

“Mortagos! Ha. Do you think I’m a fool? I know what your plan is. Your going to run from the castle and we are going to get attacked.” He said,” and you know what I’m not about to let that happen. Guards!”

Four guards appeared out of nowhere behind him. Without thinking I ran for castle gate. Unfortunately, I was never gifted with great athleticism and the guards were gaining on me fast. I was going to be lucky to make it to the gate.

From somewhere some shouted to close the gate. When I was 15 feet away the gates started to close. It would be only moments before I was caught and the gate was closed and the substance would be a secret to us all forever. And with one last surge of energy I leaped for the closing gate. I barely made it through but my bag wasn’t so lucky.

After I made it through my bag got caught in the gate. I automatically reached in the bag for the substance. By the time I got the substance out the guards where at the gate. One of the guards lunged with their knife between the gated bars. I saw the blade and moved just in time to avoid the hit. I know that if I was going to leave it was now so I left my bag and headed toward the tallest mountain: Mount Olympus. The home of all gods.

I jogged the rest of the way out of the castle of Buckchester and put my hood on just to make sure that no one recognized me. When I finally left the castle grounds I looked back at my home and took one big breath and started walking.

For the first night I ended up sleeping under a large tree. I had no fire, no food and no water. I figured that I needed to find water first so the next morning I scouted for water. Thankfully their was a small stream not to far from my course. I took a few big drinks from the water and continued on my journey.

I walked non-stop for hours and felt like I got nowhere. But after days of walking in what seemed to be circles I reached the summit of Mount Olympus.

I looked up at Mount Olympus just to see that it is so far up that I can’t even see that top. Thankfully I knew a secret way up to the top. I walked around to the other side of the mountain and I reached into what looked like a solid boulder and pulled a lever down. I heard a “clink” and a second later I was at the gate of the gods.

I rattled the gate and a second later Argos appeared at the other side of the door.

“What do you need mortal?” he asked.

“I need to see Mortagos.” I replied

“As you wish.”

In the snap of a finger I was in the palace of Mortagos. I quickly scanned my surroundings and immediately noticed that their was not a single soul in sight. The palace was sparking clean with nothing out of place. The entire place was like a dream, their were potions of every kind in little spaces in the wall, and the entire palace was carved out of marble.

“Ah, we have a visitor.” said an echoing voice.

“What are you in need of?” asked the voice.

“Why do you assume I need something?” I asked

“Well why else would someone come to such me?” He asked, “Only people who need information come to me.”

“It is true that I seek information but, maybe another time I will come to chat.” I said.

“As I suspected and what exactly do you need now?” He asked

“I would like to know what my potion does.” I said

“Give it to me.” He said

The minor god appeared in front of me. He was tall, slim with blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. His skin was the perfect tan and overall he looked just perfect like the way most gods tended to look. I handed the potion over to him and he immediately drank it. In a matter of seconds his face turned pale and frightened.

“No! This can’t be.” He exclaimed,” You set me up!’’

After a few seconds his godly figure transformed into an old man. Another second later the once sparkling was now a void of nothing. I fell. At first I had a wierd feeling in my stomach but after a few minutes it passed. I was falling for what felt like hours until I landed on what seemed like a cloud. I landed with a “thunk”. When I opened my eyes everything was foggy and I had a massive headache. After I got my bearing back I was blinded by a light and then a large man appeared in from of me.

I thought that Mortagos was the picture of perfect but this guy was flawless. He was literally glowing. He must be a god I thought to myself.

“What have you done?” He yelled.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Do you take me as a fool human? You have just waged war against the gods!” He said

“Wait what! What did I do?” I asked

“You have turned a god into a mortal!” He hollered

“My potion did that?” I asked

“Don’t act like a fool you knew what you were doing.” He said

“I promise I didn’t know what was going to happen. I came their to ask him to tell me what it does.” I said.

“Because of your little experiment Mortagos is dead. Your little potion made him mortal and he became his true age.” He said.

“As for you punishment now you will become immortal forever.”

Zeus snapped his fingers and a ray of light hit me and I felt a chill travel through my entire body. A few moments later I awoke in the same place that I pulled the lever.

To tired to do anything I laid down right next the fake rock and slept. When I awoke from my slumber it was the middle of the day. My best estimate was that I had been out for a few suns. I stayed put for one more sun thinking of my next move.

The next sun I knew what I was going to do, I walked to the closest village and sent a letter to my old master.

Dear Bart,
I wish that I could be writing to you under better circumstances but I’m not. I really need your assistance on an important matter that I can’t speak of through this letter. If you get this letter meet me at the bottom of mount Olympus A.S.A.P. I hope to see you soon.


Nicolas Flammel

Once I made sure the letter was sent I made my way to the summit of mount Olympus. I waited for days until finally I saw some movement in a near bye bush. A figure steeped out of the bush. He was very tall, wearing a large cloak that hid his face.

“Bart, is that you?” I asked.

The figure lifts up his hood and it is indeed my old master Bart.

“Hello Nicolas.” said Bart.

“It’s been a while.” I replied

“So what was so important that you needed to see me personally about?” He asked

“I believe I have made an enemy of the gods.” I replied,” I have made a potion that was unknown to me and a god tried it and was turned mortal and died.”

“YOU WHAT!?” He yelled.

“You heard what I said.” I replied

“I can’t believe this.” He said, “You made a potion that can make anyone or anything mortal. I knew that you were going to do big things, but I never expected them to be this big.”

“I was punished by Zeus himself by becoming forever immortal.” I replied as calmly as I could

“And what exactly did you want me to do about this?” He asked

“I wanted to ask you for any advice that you might have for me and if their is anything you know of that can make amends to the gods.” I said

“For starters you will want to keep a journal on you at all times so you can write down everything you did that was important. If you stay immortal you will start to forget things because your mind just won’t be able to store all of your memories.” He said,”I’m not sure how you can make amends to the gods. An idea would possibly ask him for a task in which you can complete. I will warn you though the gods have never been very nice.

“I have already figured that out by now.” I replied

“I’m just trying to help.” He said.

“Yes, I know I’m sorry. I’m just a little bit edgy because of our current situation.” I replied

“For now, I suggest that we get you a journal to write in.” He said.

“Alright, There is a town close by that we can get one.” I said.

We walked all the way back to the town where I sent the letter and we bought a journal. It is nighttime and we set up camp right outside of the town. Bart said that it would be best if I started writing in it as soon as possible.
Journal Entry- I’m scared. I’m not sure what is to come these following days, weeks, months, or even years. I still am not sure what I should write in these journal entries so I guess this is it for now.

We left early in the morning back for Mount Olympus. When we made it their we pulled the lever and were transported directly to Zeus’s palace.

“What are you doing here!” He demanded.

“I seek to make amends with the gods.” I replied.

“Hmmm..” He said, “You have committed a serious offense to the gods. In order to appease us you must complete three tasks for us.”
“And what will those tasks be?” I asked.

“Do not get ahead of yourself. You will do them one at a time.” He said. “Your first task shall be the slaying of the Mintour!”

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