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Fallen Relities.

February 18, 2011
By JohenePauline, New Brunswick, New Jersey
JohenePauline, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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'I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.' Eleanor Roosevelt


At fifteen years old, Sirenia Szane's life revolved around her younger sister, Mikilay. But when a nightmare brings a fire to life, Sirenia's world crumbles to ashes as the fire takes Mikilay's life. One year later, Sirenia finds herself waking up into her reality, but parts of her dreams have been dragged in as well. A fall from a dream drops her into the ocean, making her world collide with the complicated life of Chace Xander, whose sarcasm and bipolar personality behind his angelic face, causes Sirenia to go odds and ends with him. Chace has no other choice, but to drag Sirenia into his world, the world Sirenia was never supposed to be involved with. Sirenia's life is dragged into a new reality, a reality she refuses to believe and follow. Sirenia now has to face the enemies in which only she can defeat, but her biggest enemy, would cost her her life. Is Sirenia willing to give up her life for millions of others?


Fallen Relities.

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