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Tick Tick

February 16, 2011
By Paintinguptheskyline BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Paintinguptheskyline BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Look for futher progress in the near future!

::Tick:: ::Tick:: ::Tick:: ::Tick:: ::Tick:: ::Tick:: The nerve wrecking sound slowly snaps me back into reality. In a panic my eyes violently spring open and gazing into the dark abyss, an eerie stillness occurs. Not able to move form the shock of waking in unfamiliar territory, I just sat there looking around the large complex. The room I was sitting in was completely drenched in darkness; the void was so pitch black you couldn't’t tell if you were sitting upright or not. My eyes quickly scan the room hoping to see somouthingremotely familiar, or at least some sort of an answer as what the hell is going on, unfortunately nothing was jumping out at me. My gaze fixed onto the walls, which seemed to be a very bright color, white perhaps, but a very dirty, and possibly….. burnt white? All my attention fixed on them, and they almost seemed to be moving in and out as if the entire room was breathing heavily. The constant motion of these walls made me sick to my stomach but, I blame the hallucination of shock and I continue looking around. No lamps, no fans, no windows, no doors. “Wonderful” I try to say to myself but no sound comes out. I notice a dark discolored spot in the corner of the wall, is it blood? It looked like someone was dragged up to wall causing the blood to smear and drained every last drop out. In the same corner there was somouthingdaggling from he ceiling, it looks like a body but, my mind just won’t accept the fact so I continued to look around. I started to panic and then I began contemplating what my tombstone should say, when ::Tick:: :Tick:: all focus diverts to the sound that engulfs my room, Is it the sound of imposing doom? The end of my world? Death approaching? Or a simple drip in a sink somewhere? My thoughts scramble but, I soon start to collect them and I digress.”Focus John focus” I think to myself “where are you?” In the distant there is a disappearing sparkle of light, from the looks of it’s the color, amount, and how it give off the impression of water lightly flowing down to the floor , it’s probably from the outside. Defiantly not the sun, not bright enough to be that, it must be a street lamp which must means night has already fallen! But knowing the time of day explains nothing, as to what am I doing here? But on to the next question, Can I move? No, my body simply won’t budge, probably still stunned from all the shock, God shows how existential I f*ing am. That’s probably what got me into this mess in the first place; I just got too nosey in someone else business and now I have to pay for it like always. Slowly I start losing hope when my gaze automatically focused onto shadowy figure standing in the doorway between my room and the next, I try to call out but I can’t even gather enough energy to open my mouth. “A person!” my mind screams out, “finally, salvation!” I think to myself wondering if the mysterious character even noticed me in the dark. “Don’t panic” I tell myself laughing a little inside at the obscene command, “Ok try to move John and then you can personally shake the hand of your savior” I slowly start to move my left leg towards me the sound of it dragging echoes in the building and the shadows gaze fixes directly on me, noticing this a chill ran down my spin and a slight feeling of discomfort fell upon me. “Ok now the right one” I think ignoring the obvious warning sign my body was trying to send out. Slowly I move the right leg into a prime position to pick myself up. Now I redirected all my strength to get up when suddenly……… “Don’t even think about getting up!” Sharply yells a voice out of darkness. I hear the foot steps of this second character frantically inch closer and very high pitch voice filled my room. “You’re in no condition to be moving around” Then suddenly a tall chubby man rushes into my room passing right through the shadow as if it was made of air, flicking a switch, and illuminating the room. “You just lay back down John, you still need rest.” Says the man in a very shaky voice while franticly pushing me back down on the bed eliminating all the work I put into getting up in the first place. “What the hell is going on!?” I blurt out surprising myself with the tone and volume of my own voice. “What do you mean” Says the man somewhat distraught. Before I said anything I looked around the room which, to my surprise, has drastically changed. The walls were dark blue not a dirty white, there was about four lamps and a fan on the ceiling, and there was no trace of the shadow or a man anywhere in the room. In the doorways were giant wooden hand crafted doors and there was no blood any where. Could I have imagined all that? Was it just a dream? All these thoughts fill my head but in voluntarily I look back at the man. “Ok before we continue this conversation, who are you?” I asked the man in the most sarcastic and monotone way possible. “What do you mean? You don’t remember who I am? It’s me John? It’s Henry! Henry Winchester!” As he went on I examined the fat man. He was about 6.4 and weighed around 470 maybe 480, He had thinning light brown hair and the whitest pair of teeth I have ever seen in my life. He was wearing a white laboratory coat covering a dirty black T-shirt and jeans. “You don’t remember me? We served in the war! How could you not remember!” “W-war? W-what war? What year is it?” I said with a sincere astonishment, “You’re joking right? Remember? Operation Blood Hunter? How could you not….” “What f*ing year is it!” I start to yell interrupting and the same time startling to man. “2243 John…..” He said pausing for a moment “Crap it’s getting to him” He said slightly mumbling under his breath to himself. “2243! You’re not serious! And what do you mean…getting to me?” “Oh God, where do I start...” He says with a large sigh “Just get on with it!!” I blurted out. “I’ll just be blunt, you were bitten by a vampire.” “What?! You are joking! I mean you can’t possibly be serious!” I say not able to grasp the concept of a vampire. I start to get up, this time in almost a blind anger. I walk past Henry and started towards the door, and then out of no where I felt a gush of wind fly past me turning the room upside down. Then Henry appeared in the door way. “Don’t piss me off John. Now lay down.” He said in a surprisingly low and agitated voice. He walked up to me, and then in a swift motion grabbed my right shoulder with his left hand and pushed me with his right, the motions done so swiftly you could barley notice his hands unless you completely focused on the attack. The push was done with so much brute forced the entire room shook and I flew across the room, hit the wall, and fell back down on my bed. “Now are you going to listen or should I just end your misery?”

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