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A War For A Doomed Cause

May 10, 2021
By Anonymous

Two nations at war. Over a game of blame. What a war. Fort Northwest was being attacked by the Sixth Men of the Ninth Rule. The trade deal between The United Territories of The North Line and the Republic of Freedland had failed and put both countries in an economic depression. They both blamed the other. What a war.

The soldiers had loaded the TNT cannon and every soldier was near a window armed with a crossbow. The fort was being defended with an army of only 14 men. Going against an army of thousands. The Sixth Men had invaded The High Ground, the agricultural region of the country. New Amarillo was not very far but the men inside the fort were surrounded. Fort Northwest made many attempts to contact the nearest fort, Fort Newhandle, by any means being beacon signals, emergency flares, and even a messenger pigeon but every attempt failed. The fort was seconds from falling.

Although the men inside Fort Northwest thought they were doomed, this was far from the truth. The reality was that the men saw the army coming across the High Ground and placing a fleet of UTNL flags around the High Ground Monument. This was to embed fear within the ranks of the Republic Of Freedland soldiers. If anything the soldiers were filled with patriotism. Anyone who could join the defense pulled out their crossbow and prepared for the battle. The Player Production made more weapons in one day than any other day. The Plains Trade Center Tower, one of three buildings, was turned into a temporary fort.

As for the people in Rausberg, the capitol building was evacuated, the politician llama taken to the bunker in Travlin, Menland. Little did they know that Travlin was also being besieged. You see, a while back, there was a dispute over who had control over the region of Menland and it was divided into two, each half had a city in which control was exerted, Travlin on the ROFL territory and Lake Hermit on the UTNL side. However, Travlin was a port city so units of the Seventh

The Platoons of The Sea were moved to surround the city. Other units were moved to the Melted River which was where The High Ground obtained water for the crops.

The attacks continued and the men rested for the first day. The camps were set and portable barracks were made for the armies. As for the men inside Fort Northwest, the troops were on high alert. So were the men in Fort Newhandle which was now inside the Plains Trade Center Tower. No matter what, Fort Northwest had to be freed. 

The next day, the soldiers woke up to war cries, however, it wasn’t theirs. The opposition was attacking. Their general had commanded that they attack when the men were asleep. Boy were the men caught off guard. They had to sacrifice the fort. It was their orders. The men from Fort Newhandle finally sent a message back, the soldiers were to burn every artillery in the fort, press the self-destruct button which every fort had and dig a tunnel to lead them to the High Ground Mining Corp. tunnel. It was their last chance, if they stayed they risked death and the destruction blow would take out many soldiers. So they did. They could not let the goods be taken. 

The blow of Fort Newhandle did take out many enemy soldiers but the effects that followed weren’t beneficial. As soon the fort was gone, the UTNL now had a new target. New Amarillo was in their sights. News had reached that the soldiers in Yester had taken over Travlin and any supplies useful were taken, everything else was burned. One last shipment escaped but the Player Production Center was burned to the ground. The forces in Menland were traveling towards Jackson’s Cane, the federal prison, and were free the prisoners and meet up with the other army at the Shrine of Yoda. The only thing stopping them was the resistance in New Amarillo and Rausberg, the capital. By the time they had reached the Rausberg City Limits, night had fallen. Time was running out for the Republic.

As the day arose, the generals awoke to screams of pain from their soldiers. The men were severely wounded. The slaughter had only begun. Back in the High Ground, the ROFL Special Attack Team was taking the lives of many soldiers and occasionally a few higher ranked troops. This day is remembered as “Justice for Northwest” mostly due to the murders but also because the war cry during these massacres was “Recall Northwest”. 

As the men fell, some soldiers fell back to their country on the other side of the North Line Wall. Many troops stayed to defend the front which is now known as “La Barricade”. A small ditch was dug for the soldiers to shoot their arrows and a portable battle station was forged in “Da Meme Church”. Patriotism was in the air. Two local priests from the Meme Church and the Cathedral of The Water-Sheep even came and blessed the troops.

Any supplies in the country were brought into New Amarillo. Rausberg had a wall built around it and tight security in place so it was safe. Any colonists from the Nether Colony of Crister were evacuated and The Nether Fortress, Milend had the blaze spawners broken, every supply brought in and livestock was slaughtered in order to provide food as every meatpacker the country had was in the High Ground. Both sides were preparing to fight however neither side had the confidence to shoot the first arrow in fear that they would be remembered for the slaughter of innocent lives which would ensue after the fight. 

A warning to the reader. The following events are true in a sense being that this entire war occurred in Minecraft. The story from here on out involves many deaths, severe punishments, and questionable actions and can disturb the minds of a few individuals. If you do want to continue, 

proceed with caution. This is the end of this warning. We will now continue the account of the tragedy.

The Battle of The End started with a special ops mission. Now, this battle was a series of unfortunate events which ended in the death of many citizens of both countries, the disintegration of the High Ground, The eruption of Mt. Able, and the collapse of the Plains Trade Center Tower. Now that the effects have been described, it's time to explain the events as they happened. The Special ops team of the Republic of Freedland dug a tunnel to reach the High Ground Mining Corp. tunnel to both extract the 14 men of Fort Northwest and reach the storage room of supplies from the previous crops before the war had even shown its hideous face.

Meanwhile, in the Plains Trade Center Tower, The scientists were about to send in the first person to travel to “The End” as the scientists called it. They put a rope on him to be able to retract him. As he entered the dimension, the rope snapped during entry and they were unable to extract him. Luckily, the scientists also had developed a radio audio locator to track him on the occasion that this happens for that also happened during the first travel into the Nether. The audio said the following words from Steve until the final transmission at tick 350000. “It's dark and cold, and they're a bunch of Endermen. There are these giant ships with a dragon head and ten huge obsidian towers, some have a cage with a crystal inside and some are just the crystal. Other than an island of the columns, the ships and the island I’m on, there’s nothing much.”  At tick 34999, a loud shrill sound of screaming was heard from the transmitter, and a raspy voice was heard over the signal saying “look for the eye”. It was then that the transmitter stopped responding. The scientists turned off the portal and left the portal with the transmitter channel on. This would lead to the rise of the 

Ender Dragon. Something no one would expect and would be the doom of both countries. Their vital mistake would lead to the effects described previously

Now, as for the special ops team. They weren't doing so well. As they entered the bunker of supplies, they mined the wrong block of stone and were completely flushed out by the amount of grain that escaped the hole, filling their entire inventories and flushing them out. The extreme flow of grain made some of the UTNL soldiers suspicious and found that the pantries had been raided. This ticked them off incredibly and when the special ops team went to collect more supplies, they were shot by the Sixth Men officers. The team of thirteen special ops agents was slaughtered and hung on crosses and the High Ground Monument

The Republic had enough. That was enough to start the fire. The militias arose from La Barricade and rushed the soldiers. Swords and crossbows were administered and every soldier was fighting even the wounded, they just got the health workers to position the beds outside towards the High Ground. TNT cannons were brought in and fired at the Sixth Men. The battle endured about sixteen hours. After the sixteenth hour had passed, both side's crossbows ran out of arrows and there was no more flint to craft arrows, that is if the men didn’t want to be slaughtered by the drowned. 

Both sides stayed at bay for the next few hours, the dead men were hauled off, the wounded were attended to and the well returned to the barracks that were forged inside the Plains Trade Center Tower. The guard was reinstated for it had to be dismantled during the skirmish. This was what the UTNL wanted. You see, during the fight, the Sixth Men sent a mine cart through the tunnels to the subway trams and a soldier inside. In that soldier’s inventory were several stacks of TNT, some Redstone, and two buttons. There are two dark floors inside the tower so the soldier took advantage and installed the TNT there. He escaped swiftly as the good soldiers returned to their barracks. They would not blow the tower until the final skirmish which would result in the Ender Dragon rearing its ugly head, the escape to the end, and the termination of the High Ground. 

Dawn had arisen.  The ROFL soldiers rose and marched down to La Barricade, loaded their arrows being that a new gravel source was discovered near New Amarillo and had been collected and crafted into arrows, and was on high alert. Every person in the city was on high alert, even the townsfolk, all they had were their iron hoes, but at least they were armed with some form of tool or weapon.           

It was around this time that the scientists had returned to the floor which contained the end portal. As it was told previously, the radio transmitter was still on and on the channel that the radio transmitter. The strange part though was that sound was coming out of the channel and not that static feedback that you get when you have no signal, no. It was an understandable deep voice chanting the same thing over and over again “Death, Death, Death to the player” The scientists knew that the portal had to be taken offline, but the tower blew.

The guards were assassinated by gunmen and two soldiers were sent to press the buttons that blew the tower. Their last words were both “I will die for my people” or “Ego moriar pro te mihi in populum.”

 The tower seconds from collapsing, the elevator was not functional and if you jumped you would have died from the fall damage. But there was another way. If you poured water down the side of the tower, you could travel down the tower and the water dismantles the fall damage effect so that's how most of the people got out of the tower. Except for the scientists. You see, most end portals are inside these complex structures called Strongholds. If anywhere else that it is out in the open, the dragon will come out from out of the portal. They could have taken blocks from the tower, but then the air from the outside would have brought in the dragon (it doesn't actually work like that in-game but this is the only way the entire battle would work).

Either way, it was too late. The tower collapsed upon itself in about ten seconds and the Ender Dragon was freed. The dragon has the ability to break blocks wherever it moves, and so it did. The Ender Dragon charged at the High Ground and the ground collapsed. The Sixth Men fell into the ditch and the weak died almost instantly. The ocean and Mt. Able became restless in the presence of the Ender Dragon. The seas became so wavy that all boats had to be pulled from the water and part of New Amarillo and the docks in Travln became flooded. The debris from the tower which was slightly on fire flowed into the sea and Mount Able, a dormant volcano began to fill up once again with lava. The public gym that was on the side of the mountain burned to a crisp and anything that was still in Travlin ( a few members of the Sixth Men and much livestock) was doomed to a death where the chat would say “Person X tried to swim in lava”. 

The people had to evacuate New Amarillo. The men that survived the collapse of the PTC tower, the fall of the High Ground, and the Ender Dragon’s arrival ran to Rausberg and hunkered down in the Capital of The Politician Llamas. The scientists ran to the Science Foundation Building to retrieve the backup portal for they had developed two portals. The Cathedral of the Water Sheep distributed supplies for those whose hunger bar was at three bars and The House distributed weapons to the people. The portal was set up in the middle of town. They would kill the Ender Dragon end escape to the end. The UTNL had fallen and their entire country fell to two races, the villagers and pillagers. All that was left were a few buildings and Rausberg. Everything else was stripped down to the bedrock. The Ender Dragon had arrived. The war was no longer between two nations but for survival. The people fought hard and they won the battle. The XP points fell upon them like victory rain. They would find out that they could never return but they developed themselves in the End. They are now known as the Republic of the End. It is a sad truth for these people. Surely they should be able to come back from the end. No, since the ender dragon escaped The End, then technically the End dimension was already free. However, since it was not freed by the players, then the return portal would not light. Thus trapping them in the End to meet their doom. 

The End.

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