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Loop: origins

December 18, 2017
By Hardt, Three Rivers, Michigan
Hardt, Three Rivers, Michigan
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Sara Dean goes to school like everyone else. Except, she has no friends and doesn't seem to care about anything. However, when catastrohe strikes, something more may be reveiled about miss Sara Dean. Something her schoolmates would never imagine possible.


"The train was getting too close. Surely, he would jump out of the way soon. He didn't move, only held his ground. The whistle sounded, making her ears throb, and drowning out all other noise. She saw the others' mouths move as they yelled for him to jump. Why wouldn't he move? He needed to move. She didn't think, she couldn't just stand there. It was too close. Sara jumped onto the tracks, pushing him off, and down the other side of the hill. It hit her." 


Loop: origins

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