MVP | Teen Ink


May 23, 2008
By Anonymous

The game is tied
Ten seconds left
Fans start chanting the numbers on the clock
He is on the top of the three point line
He slowly bounces the ball off the wooden floor
Defender slowly approaches him with his hand in his face
He glances down at the ball
He starts bouncing the ball threw his legs
He takes a step closer to the defender
He fakes to the left and crosses the ball back to his right
He rises up and fades back and smoothly release the ball
While the ball reaches the peak and the ball falls down hits the rim
The crowd becomes completely silent
You hear the ball rattling between the rim
Everyone watches in anticipation
After what seemed like an eternity
The ball finally swished through the net
The crowd exploded in cheers and starts storming the courts
They raise him up onto their shoulders and hand him the trophy

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