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Game Time

May 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Yanks are down by two in the bottom of the ninth
The bases are loaded with the game on the line
Two outs, based loaded, it's Jeter's time
The house that Ruth built can't wait to cheer
However they might end up throwing their beer
In the cold October rain you could hear the stadium yap
The 3-2 pitch to Jeter was driven into the right-center gap
As Damon ran from first to home the play would be tight
The elderly moaned due to the thought of extra innings
While the youth was filled with delight
A perfect sweep slide would make the fans night
Damon's right arm got under Varitek's tag
The camera angle then showed Francona gag
As the Yanks paraded around the field
They knew their goal had been almost complete
Now they would meet the Mets for a subway series treat

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