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Bait MAG

By Anonymous

   I'm all alone

Late at night

The stars are shining

The moon is bright

I knew by looking

It would be a long night

I wouldn't return without a fight

I start up the engine

I'm off like a shot

I knew where I was headed

To my favorite spot

It was now totally silent

My engine was off

The only sound I heard

Was the one from my cough

I sit back and relax

I'm feeling fine

I glance at my watch

And check for the time

My pole and I

Are together at last

I don't hesitate to

Throw out my cast

Then I sit back down

And wait and wait

I check my watch again

It's getting late

Hours have passed

And still no fish

I think to myself

It must be a trick

I want to go home

I can barely wait

So I pull up my line

And realize ...

I forgot my bait !!!

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