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February 20, 2008
By Anonymous

From the first thing in the morning when he takes a shower then has to get himself dressed, then fighting with his mother to brush his teeth, getting ready for the school day.

Everyday, as if he left and never came home he drives down the street in a beat u car going to school to be a good kid. He feels his heart race as he drives, hoping he doesn’t get into an accident.

As school begins he mopes around because he is still tired as if he didn’t get any sleep a all, teachers try to wake him up when he sleeps in class but no one could ever wake him because he dreams of his everyday life, day after day.

He is home after school, chores get done, he tries to sleep but right at 3 he is at a hockey rink waiting for the arrival of his team.

Hockey the most amazing thing ever is the most passionate thing to him so he loves being there but he gets tired sometimes because day after day everyday he goes home then straight to hockey which is why he is tired all the time.

Back home at dark to sleep and then get right back up the next day to do the same thing all day and sometimes wonders what it would be like not to do all of this non stop.

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