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Silent Embers

April 5, 2011
By poundz SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
poundz SILVER, San Antonio, Texas
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11:58 p.m. December 20, 2012, nothings happened yet. 11:59. Tick-Tock. Midnight. I look out the cold window pane. My breath fogs up the glass. I wipe the vapor with my sleeve. Nothing...I doze off on the couch. 7:37 a.m. Friday morning. My sight's still blurry from waking up. I look out the window once more. Silent embers are falling from the sky, glowing a fresh orange. What's going on? It's starting. What could I do besides cry out to Adam & Eve to start us over, eat the forbidden fruit, and save us all? Chaos. Riots. Mobs. The city is in total destruction. Downtown splits in two and objects are sucked into its vortex. My house is moving. This is it. It feels like a literal remake of The Wizard of Oz. There I go. Now I'm looking down at my dismantled body.
I walk into the light and never look back.

The author's comments:
sorry, i kno i kinda rushed through at the end but im writing this for school and the limit is 21 lines so i couldnt finish it exactly the way i wanted it to be but im just glad i finished on time!

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