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Bad dicision

September 3, 2009
By Anonymous

“This is the first time to learn business major!” I said. I was happy to learn business. First day, I’m got into business major class. There ware many of my friends choosing business, and I smelled coffee. Mr. O, who is business major teacher, was smiling and he opened his arm widely and said “Welcome to business class!!!”
First day of business class was interested for me. One week later, every one refused to go to business major. We had to read a text book, and do the worksheets. May be we touched the text book and pencil one and half hour. Everyone almost felt sleepy when we were reading a text book too. I was bored to do same activities. We had quizzes almost every week too. I sighed and felt that I want to change business major. Then, I tried to change the other major class to get in, but teacher said “No! This class has enough students!” therefore I had to stay in business class. One month later, we had a big project. That’s about researching the global market in China, Russia, India, and Japan. Furthermore, we had a presentation by using power point and show in the class. I always jealous another major class, cause they always they showed us fun and merry. However, the class mates were good for me. They were fun and always made I laugh, sometime Mr. O too laugh like a kid. Anyways I failed first semester. It might cause of many “F” tests and quizzes.
Second semester of business major was accounting. This learning is changes my mind. First, two month, I could not understand how to do the accounting even teacher and friend taught me. Moreover, I failed two quizzes. When I was doing accounting work packet at home, I just know what the knack of an accounting is. Next day, I was the on fire and becoming to interest business major. Accounting, maybe, I took serious to study during Gr.11. Funny thing I heard from another major that near the end of the year was boring because they said nothing to do; we were playing Quiz Millionaire in the class. It was so excited same as I playing sport.
Now, I am senior. I changed major to computer. Honest reason is just I do not want to do the hard work like last year. Sometimes I missed business major. And I still remind everyone laugh and smiling in the classroom.

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