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Summer Secrets

August 31, 2009
By Anonymous

It was supposed to be a week of summer fun and learningat camp. We all learned but it wasn't about anything we expected! We expected to only learn of God's love and all he has done, grow closer to God. We grew closer to each other one night in Pavillion number five. We started off with a prayer asking God to take our pride away and possibly reveal some things in our life we wee struggling with. The response was amazing! So many youth got something off their chest that had been bugging them or straining their walk with God. They were not small problems like hair color or grades but things that every teen struggles with. All the kids people thought were flawless had some of the biggest problems! It was amazing! I know these youth and know for a fact that they are closer to the Lord now than they were before and seem to be happier! So maybe we didn't do exactly what we thought but a great experience happened in pavillion five that night in July!

The author's comments:
So this is the first thing I ever put on here! it really happened and you would never believe the awesomeness! I am a christian and proud! All these people are christians to but we all make mistakes! If you ever had an expeirience like this let me know! I think it's amazing!

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