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Ms. Bower

April 6, 2009
By Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
Lauren Messenger PLATINUM, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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After three years of math classes, I had given up. It seemed every teacher was the same and taught the same way. They could not help me or make me understand this impossible subject. I had always gotten the same grade year to year: a C-, barely passing each class only because of extra credit I begged for in order to move on to the next course.
Going into my junior year, I had no confidence in myself and I figured I would just have to strive for the same goal: to pass the class. My first semester came and it was no surprise I had a similar teacher to the ones I had in the past. I stopped caring about the class and just barely passed with almost no help from the teacher. Each test I received back seemed to lower my confidence more and more. I was staring blankly at the big fat F’s at the top of my papers. I did not understand what I was doing wrong and the teacher didn’t seem to either. I had lost all hope in being a good math student. That was until I got a new teacher my second semester of junior year Advanced Algebra.
I had heard things about Ms. Bower before. When I saw her name on my new schedule, it gave me a little smidgen of hope that things could turn around in my high school math career. Day one of semester two came around and as I walked into tenth hour nervously and sat down, I felt immediately comfortable. My nerves disappeared. She was completely different than any of my past math teachers! By the end of the hour, she had my name memorized and I already felt like I could go to her about anything.
As the semester progressed, we grew a bond that seemed more than just the regular teacher student. As she taught day by day, I seemed to understand for once what we were learning! This excited me and made me strive to keep up my good work and make her proud. If I was ever out sick or missed a day, she made sure I caught up and understood what we were learning.
Ms. Bower even helps kids on her own lunch hour who are having difficulties with the lessons. Now that is someone who cares about her students! She laughs along with us at the right times and she can relate to each student in their own way and makes me feel like if I am ever confused, I can come to her and get any help I need.
I have built a new confidence in math I lost over my past years of failed tests and zeroes on homework assignments. Ms. Bower was more than just a teacher. She was a friend, a mentor, and someone who I could be comfortable with and talk to about anything. It is rare to find a teacher who connects with students the way Ms. Bower can. That is why I am nominating her for your competition. I don’t believe anyone deserves it more then she does. She has the ability to make students actually want to try and strive for more and even if she is not chosen, she is the winner in my book.

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