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Mrs. Koch-Chemistry

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

If you say "chemistry", the majority of high school students will not respond positively. It is said to be a rigid, taxing and stressful class. I would agree completely¦if I had not had my teacher Mrs. Koch.

I have a difficult time understanding things in a 45-minute class. Everyday in my fifth hour chemistry class, I would struggle to comprehend the equations and laws. Instead of allowing me to give up on my worksheets and test reviews, Mrs. Koch helped me finish everything with full comprehension. I spent tenth hour everyday in Mrs. Koch's room, where I learned to ways of Newton, Darwin and how to balance ionic bonds.
She was not only a teacher, but a friend and somebody to talk to. As a junior in high school, I had a lot on my mind and even more to say. Mrs. Koch and I would talk about likes and dislikes, troubles, and future plans.
She inspired me to work harder without complaint. She helped me work on worksheets, test corrections, and test reviews. I would not have passed chemistry had she not been my teacher.
However, for three months second semester, we had a sub due to Mrs. Koch's maternity leave. During this time, my grade slipped and so did my focus. The new teacher couldn't help me understand things like Mrs. Koch and I was worried I wouldn't pass. When she came back, she took the time to work with me double so I was able to get my grade up.
I enjoyed sharing my ideas with her and I always looked forward to tenth hour. By the end of junior year, I gained many things from Mrs. Koch's class. I gained not only intelligence, but also understanding, patience and the desire to help people. She didn't give up on me, regardless of how negative I was or how much I struggled. I also gained a valuable person in my life: a friend.

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