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Mrs. Cull for educator of the year

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When assigned to pick an educator of the year, I thought back to the teacher I enjoyed being in class with and immediately thought of my freshman FACE teacher. She knew what she was doing and I knew I could count on her.
Aside from being a teacher, she was also my basketball coach. In the classroom, Mrs. Cull was the type of teacher who got straight to the subject and wasted no time. She wanted us, the students, to be able to get our work done in class so we would not have trouble doing the homework outside of class.
The first class I took of hers was an interior design class that involved learning how to sew; we made our own pajama pants and a table runner. At the end of the semester, we had a project (an interior design portfolio), which we had to put together a room.
She was the type of person who would help her students. She taught me other people are probably going through tougher times then I am. That got me thinking about what she said and realized I have to make the best out of the worst; I also need to help others get through their problems. When I realized I had done something better for someone else, I felt I had accomplished a task and thus felt better about myself.
Mrs. Cull helped me achieve great things. She was the coach that pushed me until I reached my limit and even when I thought I could not go anymore, she was at my side, pushing me to finish what I started.
She taught me little helpful hints that helped me during games, such as fast moves that will improve my ability to beat my defender and make a move to the basket. Even though I am not playing basketball now, I still remember what she told me and I am able to pass those hints on to the younger members of my family. This is why I nominate Mrs. Cull for educator of the year.

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