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November 19, 2008
By Anonymous

It was the beginning of sophomore year, and my fourth hour class was accounting. I walked into the classroom with curiosity, took my seat and chatted with the other people in my class. “Alright class, my name is Mr. Brester and I am your accounting teacher.”
From that day on, Mr. Brester made an effort at the beginning of each class to talk about daily events and hot topics to get the class ready. This helped because I always needed a little break from learning to just relax and relate to the other people in the class.
Given that accounting is not the most exciting class at school, Mr. Brester made the class fun and interesting. He walked the students through the strenuous steps of accounting and always made time to go through the more difficult areas. I wanted to learn because of his laid back attitude and fun personality; he made it easy to make a connection with all of us.
When I remember his class, I have countless memorable stories and laughs. Mr. Brester complained about how he didn’t have a window in his classroom, so I took the liberty of making a paper window with a picture of me next to a tree outside.
I’ve been out of his class for about two years, and when I see Mr. Brester, he still knows my name and asks me what’s new. That has had the greatest impact because he still makes the effort to remember me and ask how I am doing. Mr. Brester is like a 1-800-HELP ad because he has always been there for me through personal and accounting related problems.

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