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Educator of the Year, Mr. Vedder

April 4, 2023
By UnaskedMarlin80 BRONZE, Cortland, New York
UnaskedMarlin80 BRONZE, Cortland, New York
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I would like to nominate Mr. Cameron Vedder of the Groton Central School district for Educator of the Year. My English teacher, Mr. Vedder has impacted my life in ways even I can not imagine. In my seventh-grade year of middle school, I was introduced to Mr. Vedder, an English teacher beyond any other. 

When I was younger, I used to have dreams of becoming famous like every other student my age. When I stepped into Mr. Vedder’s classroom on the first day of school, he enlightened me of what I truly wanted to do; write. He has pushed me, along with many other students, to share in his passion to write. His passion has rubbed off on me to a great extent, and after that first day of school, I have ever since found myself with a book in my hand or a story to write. 

In the classroom, Mr. Vedder is an enthusiastic, funny, and all around, a good role model. Even on the darkest, gloomiest, and longest days, Mr. Vedder was there to make all of us feel that the day was going too fast, and we didn’t want it to end. 

In most lessons, adults attempt to trick the students into learning. They tried to conceal the school material behind a sheet of something fun. In Mr. Vedder’s class, that was never the case. In his class, everyone genuinely wanted to learn and he didn’t need to use a psychology trick to trick us into doing so. 

If one were to approach Mr. Vedder, they would not know that he was involved in education. This is due to his student-like connections. Unlike any teacher I have ever seen, Mr. Vedder can connect with his students better than the students themselves. Having Mr. Vedder as a teacher is the equivalent of having him as a friend, and for the many individuals who don’t have many, Mr. Vedder is always there to look out for and accompany his students. 

Mr. Vedder has changed my life forever and for the better, and I’m sure that he will continue to do so for as long as he’s a teacher. I hope that you will consider my nomination for the Educator of the Year, Mr. Cameron Vedder. Thank you!

The author's comments:

I am an 8th grader at the Groton Central School district, Groton NY. I enjoy writing, reading, and playing video games in my spare time. I most enjoy reading novels by my favorite author, Stephen King, and writing Horror, Thriller stories in his footsteps. I also enjoy spending time with my best friends and playing Dungeons and Dragons at the library with my classmates. After a long day of school, I like to relax and watch various television productions such as Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, and Stephen King adaptations. I hope that you will consider my nomination for Educator of the Year, thank you!

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