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Ms Frahm

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Sophomore year I wasn’t exactly thrilled about taking Spanish 1 for the third year in a row. I figured I would once again fail and have to take it over again next year. But I was wrong. I actually made it through the whole year with nothing lower than a B.
I had a teacher that was brand new to the school, and somehow Ms. Frahm made Spanish easy for me. Even if it was the third time I took the class, I actually felt smart. She made the class fun. We played games almost everyday, like the flyswatter game and around the world. She had different ways to teach other than just standing in front of the class and having us write everything down in notebooks. She had the students more involved. I looked forward to Spanish class because I knew it would be fun.
If you saw Ms. Frahm walking down the hallway, you might not even think she’s a teacher. She is always wearing some unique and crazy bright colored outfit with matching accessories and shoes. I think that is a good quality about her, because it makes her more likeable and relatable. She doesn’t seem intimidating like some other teachers might.

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