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Brooklyn, New York

For me it began when I was old enough to really understand what happened to me. When I finally saw in my reflection something everyone else had already seen. My family never mentio...
MegiB BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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"When I was younger, my mother told me that the key to life was happiness. When my teacher asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said "Happy". She told me I didn't understand the assignment; I told her she didn't understand life."

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By voltairah96 GOLD
Conyers, Georgia
voltairah96 GOLD, Conyers, Georgia
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By impossibleisfun SILVER
Nashville, Tennessee
impossibleisfun SILVER, Nashville, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"The first draft of anything is sh**." - Ernest Hemingway

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By Anonymous
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AlwaysWrite28 DIAMOND, Flushing, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"What makes a flower a flower? And why doesn't the dandelion qualify?" -From my poem "Dandelions"

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By DanielC. BRONZE
New Brunswick, New Jersey
DanielC. BRONZE, New Brunswick, New Jersey
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By derhundseitters BRONZE
Manchester, Missouri
derhundseitters BRONZE, Manchester, Missouri
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By sakthi.vetrivel GOLD
Redmond, Washington
sakthi.vetrivel GOLD, Redmond, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
“You can never solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created the problem in the first place.”

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Atascadero, California
Pop56 BRONZE, Atascadero, California
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By teikim610 BRONZE
Demarest, New Jersey
teikim610 BRONZE, Demarest, New Jersey
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