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Violent video games

September 4, 2012
By jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
jasso GOLD, Damascus, Other
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Haven’t ever occurred to video games producers , especially the violent games producers , how much they affect children , and teenagers ? Did they ever think , that those players can actually , bring those games into the real life ? Stealing and killing wouldn’t be that hard for those players , they have done it before , million times trying to succeed in every level of that violent game .
Playing violent video games constantly can lead to : increasing aggressive thoughts and emotions that probably leads to aggressive behavior which can start with being rude and evolve to bulling and more. It reduces helping behavior where people become less likely to help others . research have shown that people are likely to change there thoughts about some subjects like : thinking that it is OKAY to use alcohol and marijuana, that leaves us to wonder , if those people think it is okay , will they use it? How dose that effect the society ?
In addition to all of that , video games are addictive , young gamers have shown similar symptoms to people who have drug and alcohol addiction, young gamers have also reported that video games have become an escape from family and friend. It is their comfort zone, isolated in a world , were the gamer is always the hero , the leading character , but what hero is that ? killing everyone around?

I think violent games should be limited , that action should be took by parents limiting there children from these kind of games , therefore protecting them from the effects

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