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Outlook on Life

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

As stated by Henry Miller, personal experiences affect one’s outlook on life. As life passes, one gradually obtains more and more wisdom. It is this wisdom that influences life and how one perceives it.

In my personal life, the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained has dictated my actions. For example, on September 16, 2002, I learned that my brother was gay. I had never given much thought as to what my opinion was on homosexuality, or what my views were on how homosexuals were treated. However, in those few moments of talking to my brother, I was overwhelmed with thoughts; is homosexuality bad? Will I treat my brother differently? Will people treat him differently?

This newfound knowledge deeply affected me. I was forced to not only come up with distinct views at such a young age, but I also had to form extremely controversial ones. A society so set on the ideal family; a father, mother, and child, unfortunately offers little place for homosexuality. Because of this, I was forced to see that people would not accept my brother for who he was. I knew that I still had to stick up for my brother because I loved him, but it would be difficult to go against the views of so many people.

In addition to affecting my personal feelings, my outlook on life also changed. I was now able to see people's cruelty and unwillingness to tolerate differences. I vowed from then on to try to be as open with different things as much as possible. Whether it be the color of one's skin, religious preference, or just the attitude of a person on a single day,I promised myself that I would never discriminate against others.

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Andrea Schneck

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