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International Women's Day 2018

April 2, 2018
By Rita02 PLATINUM, Kent , Washington
Rita02 PLATINUM, Kent , Washington
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Each year International Women’s Day can be shortened as (IWD) is celebrated each year on March 8. To celebrate the great women that have come before us, and the women who our making a difference now. This year’s theme was ‘press for progress.’ “A strong motivate to bond colleagues, friends, and communities to think, act, and be gender inclusive.” This year, International Women’s Day comes for the global movement meant for women’s equality rights and justice. The 2018 theme means fighting back for gender equality in any way that is possible. The rise of the ‘Me Too Movement’ has brought lots of conversation surrounding women, sexual assault, and harassment. Many women have come against many high-profile directors in Hollywood, claiming they had been sexually harassed or assaulted by them. There are many ways women can press for progress like, “challenging stereotypes and racism against women of color.” People in general can also help press for progress by “influencing others positively.” What started the theme goes back to the 2017 The Global Gender Gap report, but in 2016 the gender gap had increase by 56 percent – the first time in 11 years. “The Time Is Now” urban and rural activists are starting to transform women’s lives. It has apprehended many headlines for propelling a determination for change, this year’s IWD is an opportunity to turn this measure into action and have change for women in all environments, activists are working infinitely to prerogative women’s rights; to help them realize and reach their full potential. In the wake of the me too and times up movements, there are much more improvements to be made in the focus of women’s issues.

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