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Different rights for boys and girls

January 29, 2009
By Eunice Choi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Eunice Choi BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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You may be a teen or an adult reading this and it may make you think.
Do your parents treat you different from your sibling? Well my parents always treat me and my brother differently.

I'm always jealous when my brother gets to do. Like he gets to go out with girls, and I'm not even allowed to have a guy's number in my cell phone. Oh, and that's not it, he can go out with his friends as long as he wants and I could only stay out till 5 P.M, he could go to places alone like the mall but I have to go with someone responsible (and yeah my brother is so responsible), and he's allowed to go to a boy and girl party and I can only go to a party with girls there-no boys (how lame). There are like one million more things but I don't want to name them all or I'll be 50 and sleeping on my keyboard.

I really do love m parents, don't get me wrong, but I hate it when they say boys are stronger; they can protect themselves more than girls. I always tell them I'll be okay, repeatedly, but they just don't listen. Surprisingly, I get better grades than my brother, and he still gets more advantage. I am so agitated by this!
I hate it when they're treating us different because we're a boy and a girl; I hate it when they don't care if my brother goes out but they care if I go out. I just hate it!
My dad could be so funny but I'm afraid it may be true. He says when I go to my prom when I'm in high school he's going to be my date there.
I'm not trying to say I want to go out with guys and blah, blah, blah. I'm just trying to say that how come parents have to be unquestionably protective of their daughters, but not their sons. I know not all parents do this and that great but for parents who don't, give your daughter some elbow room.
If you're a teen reading this and your parents are the same as mine then take charge. Don't just sit there like a couch potato; say to you parents I'm not little anymore and you should trust me to go out.
But right now that I talked to my parents while I was making this article I'm happy now: I get more freedom, my parents trust me, and they changed some of the rules around.
So either if you're a parent or a teen his may be the front page cover of your life right here. Live it free and large if your parents don't listen to you: make try your best and soon they may change your mind. If you are a parent that treats your children different and you do not agree with me: that's okay, I'm not trying to tell you how to take care of your children. Just make it fun for them there years will soon go fast for you as they grow up.

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on Mar. 1 2009 at 6:43 pm
TangledThoughts BRONZE, Upland, California
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I found this article slightly confusing as you started out petitioning your rights and in the end began preaching about raising children.It is obvious you our coming from somewhere and you have strong point but perhaps you may need to look at how to get it across better. The whole piece gives off the feeling that your screaming at the reader,and that might not be the best tactic of holding ones attention.