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Being a pit-bull in montana

January 21, 2009
By Anonymous

I have a pit-bull named Blu. I know his breed of dogs has had a lot of history for violence but that should not make it right for people to judge him because their history. Everyone i tell that i have a pit-bull say the same thing, "Has he bit anyone?" or, "Is he mean?". People never give him a chance, since we have had him, he has not even shown any signs of violence toward people or other dogs.

I think they get a lot of flack because they have stronger jaws then other dogs so when they do attack someone, the person gets really hurt. But this isn't fair because dalmatians are known to mean also but they cant really do any damage so you never see them in the news. Blu actually doesn't even get to rough when you play with him because we have trained him well enough for him to know his limits.

Sometimes when i am walking him and we pass other dogs, the owner freaks out and says get him away from my dog, But while their dog is barking Blu will just ignore them and continue on his way. We have even had people call the pound and say that rabid pit-bull is on the loose when we let him outside and we know he isn't doing anything wrong because we put him on a leash. It annoys me how arrogant a person can from what they hear from they see in the paper or see on the news.

In a lot of ways Blu is like me, just because the way i dress people judge me and think that i am a "GANGSTA". I am nowhere near a thug i consider myself as an athlete, and thats just what Blu is, an athletic dog. When I moved to Montana I knew there was not going to be a lot of minorities, but i have heard the N word more here then anywhere in my life. I can't believe so many kids say it so freely and when i confront them about it, they say, "well we don't have any black people here, so whats the big deal".

Sometimes i just wish people could just get past the exterior of a person or dog in this case and see them for who they truly are. It sure is tough being a pit-bull in Montana.

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Turtle Woman said...
on Apr. 15 2009 at 7:08 pm
Dear author,I truly enjoyed your article. You hit the nail on the head, being yourself is sometimes hard. And judging others limits the possibilities to meet new people and look at life through other's eyes. Keep up the good work, not just in your writing, but I have it from a reliable source, you are an incredible athlete. P.S. I am a pit-bull lover too..