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September 24, 2008
By Anonymous

I’m just going to come out and say it. I’m a lesbian. I’m aware that the majority of the people in this world believe that this is wrong and that I will go to hell. It’s my life not theirs. It’s been hard for me because of people like that.

I went ahead and came out yesterday. I’m pretty positive that by next Friday someone will tease me or beat me up. It’s sad that people get beaten and even killed for being this way.

I committed social suicide yesterday, but all my friends still treat me the same. That’s one thing I did not expect – my friends to still be there. They are though, and I’m thankful for that. I’m glad that they love me for who I am and not my sexuality.

I really believe that I am blessed to live in a country where I am free to make my own decisions. If I wasn’t I would probably be depressed and confused my whole life. I’m glad I can love who I want to love, because you can’t really decide who you fall in love with. I’m very proud to be a lesbian.

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I am so glad that you do not feel ashamed of who you are.