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Happy Ending for Some

January 8, 2008
By Anonymous

You might have been in a camp. You might have been in hiding. You might have had a family member killed. Or you might have just heard about it. The Holocaust is the most evil thing that has happened in history and it has ended. People have been liberated all around the world. People in hiding are coming out. Some are crying and some are cheering.
The worst thing about all of this is how the survivors just want food, and only food. They are not looking for family members or asking if the war is over. Many of them are the only ones left in their family and they are not crying for them. It is one of the most revolting things that we will see in history.
I talked to some of the survivors at Auschwitz, but one of them stood out to me the most. It was a boy about 16 years old. I asked him where his parents were. He said, “I don’t know where my family is. My mom and I were pulled apart when I first got there. My dad, my brother and I were taken to a camp where there were people who looked like corpses. We got separated about a year after we got there and I haven’t seen them since. The camp was a nightmare that came alive.”
To hear from a boy at that age saying something like that, is a nightmare of my own coming to life.
The Holocaust has changed so many people; not just the survivors but everyone else. The survivors are just glad they lived though it. Other people see what can happen when they let someone like Hitler into power. We all should learn from this mistake. We hope that what we learned will help us in the future.
Millions have been killed. Burned, starved, shot, so many ways the Germans thought of. It took only one man to transform the future of the Jews. Some of the Jews were fortunate. All the other millions were not. People who have died because of the Holocaust will not be left in vein. They will be remembered forever.

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