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Social Boundaries

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Social boundaries: they are what defines us as who we are, how we are different and how we are seen by other people. We are who we are for a reason. Our genetics, the way we we’re brought up by our parents, and our surroundings affects our social boundaries.

Unfortunately in high school, people are judged by their cover. Not many people take time to get to know someone who is different, and instead they label them with stereotypes. What makes someone a loser? Most of the time we don’t know anything about the person, but we just call him a loser, because of what he does and doesn’t wear. Because of his intelligence, because of who he hangs out with, or because he doesn’t participate in any after school events. None of us know what’s going on in that “loser’s” head. Maybe he’s different, or maybe he is dealing with problems at home. You don’t have to be friends with someone, but we should at least respect the person for who they are.
Through the years I have been in school, I have experienced social boundaries. In elementary school, my friends used to play soccer all the time at recess, in the same spot everyday at recess. We would not let anyone we didn’t know or didn’t like play. In fifth grade I was somewhat of a trouble maker. Me and my one good friend were always looking for fights, we thought it was fun, we didn’t know any better. We were young; we thought we were cool. In reality we were immature, and stupid.
At the beginning of that school year, there was a new kid who we thought was weird because of what he wore, he spoke with a heavy English accent because he was from Trinidad. I remember he always smelled really bad like he hadn’t taken a shower in months. His name was Kiefer. Me and my friends would make fun of him all the time for who he was. One day he couldn’t take the abuse anymore, and snapped at recess punched me right in the face; I had blood coming out of my mouth and nose. I got a couple punches in before the teacher broke it up; I got a suspension and learned a big lesson.

Once I entered high school I learned how to respect people better for who they are, and get to really know someone before calling them names.

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