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Why Don't We Know

October 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Why can’t we realize that they are people? Don’t we realize know we are doing to our so-called “enemies”? Don’t we realize the damage we have inflicted? Why don’t we realize that we all are identical on the inside, even if we are unique on the outside? We all hurt, we all cry, damaged we are all by violence. For every person we mourn whose life was wasted by violence, they mourn for those which we take daily. Of course, we don’t realize that, we can’t realize that, for if we did we could not inflict these horrors. You can only hurt those who you cease to recognize as human, those who you feel superior to. But I know they celebrate, they pray, they cry, and they love. They are no different then we. I know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I know that if we hurt those around us, it will only result in more hurt. The only way to fix this is love. We will love as a nation. We will love until it hurts. We will love with all we have. Only then can we stop the hurt. Only then will lives be spared. Only then can we truly come together as United Nations. Together we will mend like lungs after smoking. Together we will regenerate and live. Side by side, forever. I know I’m not alone in this dream. I know we all deeply want unity and peace. Come with me, join me, and together we will love. Together we will show the world what unity is all about, together we will teach. Together we will morph the world into a better place. Together we will make the world a safer place for everybody, not just those we like. Come, join me, and together we will lead.

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