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Big Brothers & Big Sisters

May 1, 2008
By Anonymous

All year long I have done community service. I like to work with kids and make people have the best childhood possible. I worked with the organization called "Big Brothers & Big Sisters." I went to a elementry here in the town and worked with a fourth grader who I was assigned to. I was called a "Big Sister" and she was called "My Little". I was choosen to do with through a interview. I had to go spend a half an hour with her twice a week. I did activitys with her, played on the play ground with her, did gym class with her, and even helped her out on the computer. I got to know her better by asking her questions. I learned when her brithday was and bought her a gift. I learned she liked to be out doors more then be indoors. I brought a foam by huge air plane and we played with it. I learned how easy it is to hurt someones feelings becuase when kids in her class would leave her out she would get upset and get her feelings hurt. I helped all the kids to have fun. I made sure that I never let her down. If I said I was coming I made sure I showed up. I did not ever want to hurt her feelings. I wanted her to be excited for when I was coming. This year doing community service was a blast. I am glad I chose to do my community service with the "Big Brothers & Big Sisters".

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