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Serving up Smiles

April 10, 2008
By Anonymous

When ever I hear of doing community service, I sort of get mad. Like a boring when do I have to do this mom? I didn’t even do anything bad. She just wanted me to give back to the community, by serving food to the homeless.

I got there and seen about one hundred homeless men, women, and even children. I was quite shocked to see that many, and some being children at that. I felt like I needed to do more then just help cook and serve food to them, but there was nothing else I could really do because if I gave one of them something they would all want something, you know.

As I served the food to each person every one of them replied with “God Bless you sir”. I had no clue in the world to say back to that, so I kind of just walked away with an outward feeling.

While I was serving I over heard some of them talking of people like me who are not homeless kicking, spitting, and even laughing at them who in there right mind could ever do that. For real to, I me how low are you to do something like that. There living badly enough as is trying to survive the bitter cold winters and blistering hot summers.

I truly didn’t want to feel sorry for them, but it was so hard. Because they didn’t choose that life but they did choose the choices that lead them to that life. Even thou I never got paid for my service, the look in there eyes as I bring them there plate of food is enough for me.

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