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The hungry

October 31, 2008
By Anonymous

Hi, I help feed the hungry by an association called the Food Pantry. This is not the only food pantry and you don't have to go to a church or do any special thing to help out or get food. I love to help people out because I know that I am helping the nation out too!!!! I really love to know that a few families that were going hungry before aren't now. This winter I am knitting scarves and bringing them the distribution and donating them to the homeless charities The only problem with it is that we can't get enough of supplies and food to keep everyone that comes happy. This is how the distribution works, we give every family a number and they get checked in according to their number and they are given an index card with their family amount and how many pounds of food they can get i the canned food section. Ten they move on to the produce and toilet trees section where they are only allowed to get a certain amount of things per rack. They are done after that. I think they leave happy about what they get, but I think that we can do a lot better than that. Thank you for your time and consideration!

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