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November 3, 2013
By TargonTheDragon GOLD, Ofallon, Missouri
TargonTheDragon GOLD, Ofallon, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
First dentistry was painless.
Then bicycles were chainless,
Carriages were horseless,
And many laws enforceless.

Next cookery was fireless,
Telegraphy was wireless,
Cigars were nicotineless,
And coffee caffeineless.

Soon oranges were seedless,
The putting green was weedless,
The college boy was hatless,
The proper diet fatless.

New motor roads are dustless,
The latest steel is rustless,
Our tennis courts are sodless,
Our new religion — godless.

A soft breeze in my face. The sun tickling my skin. Green, healthy grass between my toes. A blue sky overhead, with wispy whip-cream white clouds slowly sailing across the sky. The fragrance of lake water and seaweed strong in my nostrils. Green, lush trees standing like silent sentries along the lakeside. The sound of laughter, happiness, and overall hope swimming in and out of my ears. The lapping of the waves on the lakeside joins the quick and light scratching noises that jump from my pencil. A picture, half-completed, covers a sharp white page in my sketchbook. The twigs on the ground snap as a form walks in a relaxed stride toward me. A body stops to my left and sits down. A moment later earth brown hair tickles as it sweeps over my hand. A head leans on my shoulder and arms wind around my midsection. A voice breaks the air, and all other sounds seem to cease their existence in respect.

“That looks like it’s coming along really well.”

I let my free arm snake its way across her back. My sketchbook drops to my lap as I slowly glance up at the horizon, a distant look in my eyes. I contemplate the words in my head. A decision is reached and my voice answers,

“Yes. It’s coming along nicely.”

The author's comments:
just a short story prompted by my Creative Writing class.

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GreyGirl ELITE said...
on Jan. 4 2014 at 9:06 pm
GreyGirl ELITE, Pohang,Kyungbuk, Other
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Very nice imagery. You could expand alot on this story. I would love to know about the characters!