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Celestial Writing Power

April 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I just returned from school, all hell was about to break loose. Those people would regret the day they were even created. I stormed into the house, getting ready to kill someone but then it occurred to me. I can kill someone. I sighed lightly, shaking my head from the sudden rush of rage. Tai was right like that day long ago; I am dangerous. I couldn’t possibly want to be responsible for a life that I could take; no matter how tempting. I dropped my things onto the floor and went to my couch to nap or relax. Something. I placed my cheek on the warm velvet couch that would soon steal me away and bring me the most beautiful nap it could offer.

But I was interrupted by the force of a large body—so darn heavy—that squished me until I gasped for air. Tai was already in the annoying mood most likely. I pushed him off with little strength I had, hoping I pushed hard enough to make him trip over the coffee table. Even though he didn’t move a centimeter. He laughed playfully, pulling me up from my laying down position and a position that involved not sleeping. He plopped down next to me on my couch, giving me a bone crushing hug I didn’t want.

“Hey, Ashley! How was school today, if I may ask?” He gave a grin that I hated so much, I forgot about my anger towards the idiots at school and remembered how horrible he was.

“Fine. Leave me alone.” I mumbled with a groggy tone. I was tired so he better not bother me right now.

“Hm. Welp, I don’t really understand fine so well. Tell me more, I would be delighted you know..” His long index finger stroke my bottom lip, I tried biting it but he moved it away so quickly and laughed with such mock humor.

He kept telling me I’m some destined writer, a writer that actually has the power to change the world. I believed him, well I believe him now after trying it out for myself. I was supposed to write small stories about what I wanted to change in order for my writing to come to life. Yeah, that coming to life part threw me off the most. He told me how the gods granted writers of the past such wonderful power so they could have their art come to life. Tai also said it turned out bad. One of the writers caused such horror back then it was known as the Black Death but then a good writer made everything great and they called it the Renaissance. Now that, I couldn’t believe but he proved it to me. I hated him for that too.

Tai was some horrible version of the god’s guardian angel. The gods would grant one guardian “angel” to a chosen writer of the Celestial Writing power. This power was that young writers with true passion can write what they want and choose for it to come to life. But the catch was there could only be one writer at a time, kind of like one writer per generation or century. Luckily—hence the sarcasm—I was that chosen writer. I shook my head furiously, why did the gods love me so much they gave me someone like Tai. He wrapped his large arm around my shoulder pulling me to his side, I hated him, Tai was just making this worse.

“It was okay. I hate everyone there and wished they died.” But not as much as you if you don’t let go of me.

His facial expression changed so dramatically to my choice of words, it looked completely more dangerous than me when I’m mad. I flinched slightly to his face; I remembered what it was like when I first met him. How he broke into my house just to tell me about some power I had. He had looked so indescribably evil, I thought for sure he would kill me but he didn’t which made it much scarier. I swallowed a huge lump in my throat, feeling the trepidation like on that one twilight evening.

“But I decided to ignore them. They aren’t w-worth my time.” I cussed lightly in my head for stammering on that word; he must have heard my fear.

I felt Tai let out this gusty sigh, the strands in front of my face dancing against the wind he produced. His face softened or at least I think it did, I really didn’t feel like looking at his face. I heard a low chuckle escape his lips, his head leaning down closer to mine.

“Of all the things to be scared about in the world, it shouldn’t be me. Think about it. I can’t hurt you but you could ‘kill’ everybody and create new people with your pencil. I find that to be much more frightening than me.” He reminded me in a tone that I swore was close to seduction.

I tried pushing him away but he held onto me with such a grip, a bull would look like a two year old trying to push a card board box. I didn’t want to give him any satisfactory—I wanted him to know I was just as scary too. I leaned over to get my journal, my pencil sleeping all snuggly and warm inside it. I could feel a hard look on his face on me as he saw me go for my weapon against the world —which would make me the most dangerous thing in the universe. I laughed darkly to myself to such a title. If good and bad were something inside me that had been fighting for years then let them fight, great writing is born from such passionate arguments.

“Now wait a minute Ashley, I don’t think-” He didn’t move to try and stop me from what I was going to do, he wasn’t able to, unless I told him to.

Tai was what the gods call an editor for the Celestial Writing. He had to do what I said or else those gods wouldn’t be too appreciative for his lack of cooperation. One thing he warned me about was the power that would surge inside me once I actually used Celestial Writing; I would go power hungry. I didn’t care now. I would write about how I felt and how I wanted my change to happen. I looked at him hard in the face, telling him silently that I had the power and I wasn’t going to let people take advantage or make fun of me anymore.

“I want these people dead. They don’t deserve to live, Tai.” I said without hesitation.

His eyes grew wide but his strong hands found my face in an instant, gripping me to one of those famous grips of his. His eyes plead for me not do anything rash but I knew he didn’t care about me, he just didn’t want a bad reputation with those stupid gods. That made me much more angrier like when I came into the house. His selfishness reminded me. I quickly ducked my head down and rolled off the couch; away from his arms. I quickly opened my journal to the first blank page and began to write, I deeply tried to tap into my Celestial Writing, it took much more energy to write something this big, I had to keep that in mind. As my pencil tip began scribbling onto the empty paper, the words began to glow a brought gold, I laughed out loud to this power I felt rushing in my veins. I had the world in my book and nothing could stop me. Tai was on the couch starring at me with such an appalled face but I didn’t care. I wanted my wish and probably other people in the world wanted it too.

Once I finished writing what I wanted, the golden words began to come to life from the resting spot they once had on the white pages of my journal, dancing around in mid air around me. My golden paragraph caressed my cheeks, lips, and nose right before they completely vanished into thin air; a small trail of what looked like golden dust began glittering down from the spot they once were. I smiled to myself, all was left was to see if my writing came true. I didn’t want to see Tai’s face but I couldn’t help but look up at him. He was the one who looked scared now. He was the one scared of me. I smiled victoriously, I proved to him I’m not just some girl to mess with, no, I’m the future of the world.

After the writing my paragraph about a couple hours ago, my parents had came home from work; Tai hiding upstairs in my room until I got back up. They turned the news on for anything well, new. I sat on the couch with my mother, hugging her and placing a kiss on her cheek.

“So how was school today, Ashley?” She had asked me with such a happy expression, she looked like she won the lottery but I knew she was just happy to be with me.

The news channel began talking like their usual selves, talking about the down side of everything this world had to offer. What caught my attention was that there was a murder case being aired, it was live, as if the murder just happened but to my surprise it was not just a murder it was a massacre of teenage boys.

My mother shook her head in disappointment as she heard the news. “That’s horrible, just horrible.”

I couldn’t move. I starred at the TV screen for a reason and one reason only. Those were the boys I wrote about in my journal entry when Tai was my audience. I wrote that they would die from some sort of lung disease and that’s exactly what the news reporter had said. “Too much cigarettes lead to their young deaths.” Tears had streamed down my cheeks, what the emotions were I had no idea. I was sure of one thing though. I had become a murderer of idiotic teenage boys that could have grown up to be more in the future. I began to smile so brightly a laugh came out and I had to quickly get rid of it.

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Mckenzie said...
on Jul. 8 2010 at 12:36 pm
This was a creative idea. Like it. Keep writing, you could make a change in writing those short stories. Keep it up!