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Annoying Professors

October 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Despite their degrees and supposed wisdom some professors just don’t know how to teach. Their wisdom and knowledge is found to be lacking when it comes to identifying what their students need help with and how to teach them. This leaves students annoyed frustrated and angry and wishing with all their might that the class would soon be over. The most annoying of professors who leave students in a state of frustration are, commonly the following three types: “The Confusing Babbler”, “The Know-It-All” and “The Useless Git”.

The Confusing Babbler presents a major problem for most students. The Confusing Babbler enters the classroom prepared to lecture, his students sit dreading it. As he babbles on about history facts he confuses one with another, does not correct his mistakes and disagrees with the textbook leaving his students wondering is the textbook or professor right, why does what the professor said today contradicts what he said yesterday and why did they even bother buying the textbook at all. The Confusing babbler will finish his lecture oblivious to the looks of bewilderment on his student’s faces and will answer their questions with contradicting statements to his lecture which makes his students puzzled even more. The class will end, the students release a sigh of relief and go home and attempt to decipher and piece the lecture together and decode the course material.

The Useless Git another type of annoying professor is known for his inability and useless attempts to effectively help his students. His lectures are long and boring, he assigns class work and homework, students turn it in and The Useless Git receives it, grades it and gives it back. Attempting to know what they did wrong or enlightenment of a broader understanding of the assignment the student asks The Useless Git questions pertaining to their work. The Useless Git answers the student’s question with generic statements he answers all student’s questions with, responses in generalities without going into detail. Corrects student’s papers by highlighting areas where he believes there are problems without fully explaining what the problem is and does not correct every problem in the student’s work leaving it up to the student to find the rest of the mistakes he’s left which, doesn’t work because the student has no idea whether what was done is wrong or not. The Useless Git in the eyes of students receives an F as a professor and has students wishing and praying that the class will soon end.

The Know-It-All is the most annoying professor of the three. The Know-It-All is oblivious to his mistakes, refuses to be corrected, or accept opinions from anyone else. The Know-It-All knows every English Literature quote, knows how to write every essay perfectly and considers himself, knowing a better way than the textbook the class is given to work with. The Know-It-All will make several mistakes, answer questions incorrectly and still insist their right. If indeed the Know-It-All admitted to being wrong it would take half the class and half the class period to convince him. The Know-It-All is bored by his student’s opinions and believes his opinions are the only correct ones and all others are wrong or gently needs to be corrected for his liking. Students begin to feel what is the point of attempting to interject their opinions or write papers since the Know-It-All will regard himself as the only correct one and disregard anything they have to say or write.

Obviously some teachers are excellent they are clear and precise in their teaching, help their students to great outcomes and believe even their students can teach them something. But on the whole college professors with their high degrees are an annoying bunch having learned nothing from when they were student’s what works or doesn’t, and believing that because they have already sat in their student’s chairs they know all there is to know and more than their student’s which is not always the case. College professors should remember the days when they were students in vivid detail and then perhaps they will become better teachers.

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