Stepsisters | Teen Ink


December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

There were once two evil stepsisters. I’m best friends with one of them. This stepsister is loved by everyone, even though she really is hideous. I cannot say that it is wrong to love or to love being around this creature because I too love her. But one day I was hurt by this stepsister, my best friend. The kind of pain I was in was the pain of rejection. It feels like an inflated balloon in your chest and with even the slightest agitation the wall of the balloon will harden or explode in tears and fury. This day both of the stepsisters were together and I was also with them. Joining us was my beautiful, even more so on the inside, friend. Yet she had to leave. My best friend began to cry a witch’s shrill laugh once the door was shut. The other evil stepsister then said, “Why are you laughing at her? Because she wears those ugly GAP jeans?” I too was wearing GAP jeans. The stepsisters then began their screeching laugh, while I became embarrassed and matured into another teenager.

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