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Battlefield: Bad Company on Xbox 360, PS3

September 28, 2010
By Dragonslayer5000 GOLD, Boise, Idaho
Dragonslayer5000 GOLD, Boise, Idaho
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EA (a.k.a Electronic Arts) has always in my view, made great war games. The Battlefield series has visited many different historical eras to the far future. But, this is the first one where it isn’t in a Sci-fi or Historical era. It’s in a modern day setting.

You play as Preston Marlowe, a new recruit to B Company (a.k.a Bad Company) a squad that takes the trouble makers from other units in.
Your three other comrades are Hagget, Sweetwater, and Sgt. Redford. Hagget, as you find out from the beginning, was transferred to B Co. because he likes blowing things up. Sweetwater only joined the army because of the G.I. Bill. Redford was promised he’d get early retirement if he joined B Co.

Sound &Voice Acting
Everything opens up great. The first scene is great. The sound was very realistic, jets roar in the sky. Jeeps rumble. Helicopters thump in a steady cadence. Guns are blazing. The voice acting talent is top notch, Hagget and Sweetwater are pretty hilarious, and are very human. You’ll think your watching The Dirty Dozen.

There are two voice actors I had a hard time with, and surprisingly it’s the villains. The villains had the worst lines. Think of the kind in B-movies. I don’t know if it was intentional or not.

Gameplay & Controls
The controls are a lot like in the recent “Call of Duty” games: right trigger to shoot, left trigger to scope, right shoulder button to switch weapons, etcetera. The aiming is simple, due to the inclusion of “auto-aim”.

The game play isn’t exactly anything new. Just normal search and destroy, find your lost squad, and of course vehicle levels. The newest thing would probably be destructible environments. Its very satisfying blowing up walls, and perfect to make cover with.

There is also the inclusion of finding new weapons, a.k.a collectables, as rewards so it satisfies the exploring kind of gamers. It also has in game achievements for doing things such as chopping down a forest, killing 25 enemies, etcetera. Overall, the experience is very good.

Battlefield: Bad Company is a beautiful game. It was programmed using DICE’s Frostbite engine. The trees look like trees. Water is translucent. The world looks like Eastern Europe is supposed to.

The multiplayer is a lot like Call of Duty, except there is no death-match, or co-op modes. The modes are “Rush” and “Conquest”. Rush is a team based mode where the objective is blowing up the other teams gold stash. Conquest is another team mode where the objective is to take over all of the opposing team’s bases. But the downside is you have to download the Conquest mode. The only downside is that there is no split-screen multiplayer.

One of the problems with online games ( especially on PC games) is that there can be really bad lag. In Battlefield , I didn’t notice any lag. EA and DICE really knew what they were doing.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who plays shooters. I give it 8.5 out of ten points.

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