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Why You Need A Gaming Mouse MAG

August 22, 2018
By AidanWritesStuff BRONZE, San Carlos, California
AidanWritesStuff BRONZE, San Carlos, California
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I want a mouse to enhance my gaming … and for bragging rights, of course. When playing video games on a PC, most people use a gaming mouse, which gives them a huge advantage. In fact, I wrote this essay to prove to my parents that I should be allowed to blow all my money on one! Since I don’t have a gaming mouse I usually lose to my competition because they are faster than me in whatever game we are playing. Here’s why a gaming mouse is a necessity.

Mice play an important role in gaming. Most gaming mice use an optical sensor instead of a laser. This means that the mouse and computer pick up faster and smaller movements. If you had a laser-sensored mouse – such as the Amazon Basics mouse – the mouse wouldn’t be able the pick up the tiny movement you need for intense gaming moments.

Gaming mice have a much higher DPI (dots per inch) which increases their sensitivity. You need a high DPI mouse for quick mobility and perfect aim. With non-gaming mice, it’s also harder to switch items and do in-game actions quickly (which often results in you dying because you are slow with the sucky mouse).

There are many gaming mice to choose from, but I suggest that you invest in one that’s over $35. Yes, I know that sounds like a lot of money for a mouse, but if you get a gaming mouse under my suggested price, it probably won’t perform well.

Many things are important in a gaming mouse other than cool RGB lighting and the design. Programmable buttons are very important if you are playing FPS (first person shooter), MMO (massively multiplayer online), or role playing games. Programmable buttons are usually placed on the side of the mouse and allow you to customize your mouses’s functions. On some high-quality mice, there is a “sniper button” that is usually right under the side buttons. When you push the sniper button, it lowers the DPI to its lowest setting so you don’t accidentally move your mouse a bit when you’re on a high DPI setting. This improves your accuracy and assures that you never miss your shot!

When you are thinking of purchasing a gaming mouse, the scroll wheel is critical. When a scroll wheel is slow and has drag, it can really affect your gaming. Most gaming mice have a hyper-fast, smooth scroll wheel so you can switch through your inventory quickly. Having a fast working scroll wheel is crucial for the best gameplay. As I said earlier, you don’t want to get a cheap mouse. On a cheap mouse the side buttons and the scroll wheel break or stop working very quickly; invest in a mouse that will last. Keep in mind that the size of your hands will also determine which mouse best suits you.

To sum it up, a gaming mouse offers the following features that a regular mouse doesn’t: high DPI, optical sensor, programmable side buttons, sniper button, quick and smooth mobility, and bragging rights. If you like rage and frustration stick to your regular mouse. Oh, and depending on how attached you get to it, your gaming mouse makes a great pet.

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This essay is about why a gaming mouse is so important to PC gamers. RISE UP GAMERS!

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