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The Andy Griffith Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

So you think you can’t have big problems in a small town? Well, the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina definitely proves that to be false. The Andy Griffith Show (TV Land at 12:00 AM on weeknights) is about the Sheriff and Deputy of an old fashioned, sweet and entertaining small town, get tangled into problems and have to get them selves out again. The Andy Griffith Show stands out from the pack because the characters are entertaining, the acting is believable, and the writing is natural sounding.
One of the most entertaining characters of the show is Barney Fife. He is the scatter-brained, overreacting deputy. He gets himself into tons of trouble and the calm and logical Sherriff Andy Taylor has to get him out. They are best friends and are the main characters of the show.
The laughable facial expressions of Barney are one of the things that makes the acting so believable. Barney is always tripping over things. He yells and tries to argue with Andy. The arguments and problems they have to solve are humorous and realistic.
The writing has humorous interactions between the characters. Every episode there is a different funny problem to solve. It is very natural sounding because the characters actually talk very old-fashioned and how they talked back in this time period.
To sum it all up, The Andy Griffith Show draws the viewers in because the characters are very well-developed, the acting is fun to watch, and the writing is appropriate to the time period. I strongly recommend that the network not only keep on showing it, but to move it to an earlier show time. For some of its - younger but still very interested – viewers, midnight is too late. I believe that if The Andy Griffith Show was moved up to an earlier time, then the ratings will rise.

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